The Guns of Ben Hall – Part 3

Whiskey in the Jar / Krisenka Finley
A nice country interpretation.

These are the last of guns I’m going to profile from The Legend of Ben Hall.
There are others, but this particular firearm called the

Tranter Revolving Rifle

This seems to be a very rare gun. In fact, it was hard to find any images of it.
Because is uses a cylinder it looks like a pistol with long barrel and a stock.
Almost a buntline.

In the film we see John Gilbert (Jamie Coffa) mainly using it and, indeed,
when Gilbert was killed it’s said he had one on him.

It’s also claimed that this weapon – or a version of it – was used in the American Civil War.
though I don’t recall ever seeing depicted in any Civil War films?

Callisher and Terry .53 caliber breech loading Percussion Carbine

53 calibre??! Goodness. Look at the bore on that thing! 

That’s it for the guns. It’s interesting to me.
Hope you enjoyed it

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6 thoughts on “The Guns of Ben Hall – Part 3”

  1. There were a few guns of this type Tanter being one another was a Deane, Adams & Deane that produced a double action revolving carbine. Most of these guns were sent to Australia and New Zealand.I have one in my collection and until I seen this movie had not seen another.

    1. Hey Brian! Good to hear from you. And Merry Christmas.
      If is strange that we’ve not seen them more. Must be rare?? Truthfully, I know very little guns so appreciate you comments. I love Aussie Westerns though. Most of them are good.

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