Closer Every Day / The Doobie Brothers


Reviews were Good.
But that was in 1980. 
Over time some Movies gain in appreciation.
May even become Classics.
But others decline.
Action Movies may become 'Dated' 
if the Action doesn't measure up
to modern standards.

The Long Riders?
Quite a bit of Peckinpah inspired Action 
 bloodshed to be sure - and some impressive stunts.
And the movie has strong Star Power.

So ... right now ...
I'm going to give it a 7 out of 10.

Just curious ... why do you need 9 guys to rob a bank?
Even the real James - Younger gang had 8 at Northfield?
I figure a single person can rob a bank?
Not that I'm an expert.

Outstanding in their field

More Posters

I Cavalieri dalle Lunghe Ombre means
The Knights with Long Shadows
A very nice interpretation.

"Hermanos Rebeldes Bandidosmeans
Rebellious Bandit Brothers

"Forajidos de Leyenda" means
Outlaws of Legend

"Freres Rebelles Hors-la-loi Herosmeans
Brothers Rebels Outlaw Heroes
"Le Gang des Freres James" means
The James Brother Gang
Fine with me.

"Bruder Rebellen Outlaws Helden" means
Brother Rebels Outlaws Heroes

Don't know what it says, but it's very nice

Coming: Jesse James and The Long Riders / Part 7

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