Gordie …

Gordie Howe 2

Stanley Cup
Four Stanley Cups
Hart Memorial Trophy
Six Hart Memorial Trophys / Most Valuable Player
Art Ross Trophy
Six Art Ross Trophys / Highest Scorer
gordie howe & sons
Gordie and his sons, Mark and Marty

gordie howe bridge


gordie howe 4

gordie howe 6

gordie howe fishin'
Gone fishin’ …

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2 thoughts on “Gordie …”

    1. Lots of incredible anecdotes about Gordie. Born in some place called Floral, Saskatchewan – a prairie farm boy – but some scout still discovered him … somehow. When he attended his first training camp with Detroit (18 years old) they handed him some shoulder pads. He didn’t know what they were – had never seen any before – and had to watch the other players to see what to do with them. He probably didn’t need them anyway.
      Years later Gordie says they used to look at each other and chuckle that someone was actually paying them to play hockey. They would have played for nothing – and almost did. Most of the players in those days had off season jobs – back to farm or drove garbage trucks, etc. and were broke shortly after they retired from hockey. No agents. A very different era.
      I would define Gordie’s style as completely unflashy. Efficient to the extreme – no wasted effort – he went from point A to point B with the least energy required – no more / no less.
      But don’t get in the way.

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