The Magnificent Seven … 2016

Unless you’ve been under a log you’ve probably heard  about this Remake of The Magnificent Seven. |
So we have our first Trailers.
(brought to my attention by Tim Neath over at Thanks Tim!

Have a look …

Go ahead … say something.
I dare ya.

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8 thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven … 2016”

  1. Hmmmm….I’m in two minds here. In a way I feel like a traitor to the brilliant 1960 version just watching the trailer. Somehow Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen et al. just “are” the Magnificent Seven – nobody else could be. Yet, this 2016 one might work…possibly…I don’t know. I can just wait and see. And in all honesty, I’ll probably watch it…

    1. I don’t even expect it to attempt to replicate the original. It’s just going to do it’s own thing. We’ll have to see if that stands up.

    1. Maybe we’ll be surprised? Hope so. I like Washington.
      Seems like a strange era for film making. The old studio system seemed to turn out movies that were crafted and character driven. They pulled you in and immersed you in the story and people. A lot of movies these days seem to be cartoonish – flash and veneer. There’s still some good film makers around, but …

  2. I agree totally about Action films and their explosions. At least this one won’t have car chases. I am also glad that it is not a remake but a reimage, based on the original but with different characters and settings. Just like the 1st Magnificent 7 was a reimage of the great 7 samurai.
    Have a hard time with remakes although the remake of True Grit is a darn good movie also. But then there’s others like Monte Walsh. The original is one of my favorites. The remake is not.
    Can’t say I am really looking forward to seeing this Magnificent 7 though.

  3. Many movies these days are what they call Action films. A lot of explosions and special effects. They aren’t built around that sticks to you. Some are fun to watch and are well done, but they seem hollow. And I can’t remember a thing about the movie 2 weeks later. Looks like this might be along that line.

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