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Them Dance Hall Girls / Fraser and Debolt

Buck Jones / ‘Red Rider’ / 1934

During the 30’s, Buck Jones made a few Movie Serials. One such was Red Rider.

 Buck Jones Red Rider title banner

Buck Jones Red Rider

Buck Jones Silver

Buck Jones Serial Red Rider 2

Buck Jones Serial Red Rider
Movie Serials first appeared in the 1910’s and were popular the right up into the late 50’s. These were usually about 15 (black and white) Episodes that were less than 10 minutes in length and shown at Saturday Matinees prior to the main attraction. They always had a ‘Cliff Hanger’ ending. – the idea being that you’d have to come back again next week to see what happened to your Hero.! Would Buck, survive the fall off that cliff?

Of course he would, but we wanted to see how?

These old time stunts were amazing. And dangerous. No wires or CGI.

Buck Jones old time stunt Buck Jones old time stunt 2 Buck Jones old time stunt 3 Buck Jones old time stunt 4 Buck Jones old time stunt 5

Sploosh !!

Buck Jones Red Rider teaser

This is why stuntman Richard Farnsworth
eventually formed the Stuntman’s Union.

Below: Buck takes the plunge …

colt bar

Those old time “Movie Palaces” ?

Buck Jones old time theatre

Coming right up …

4 thoughts on “Buck and the Old Time Serials – in the Era of the Film Palaces

  1. Great post! Love the shot of the movie palace. How do they ride down the side of the cliff to get in the water???

    1. jcalberta says:

      Those shots are just borrowed from the clip I posted. It’s at the end, of course. I tell you though, some of those old stunts look harrowing and dangerous – in the early era of movie stuntwork. I’m going to post another stunt that definitely looks very dangerous.

      1. Great! Looking forward to reading it.

  2. I used to read the Red Ryder books. I bought them at the corner store for maybe a nickel? They had cardboard covers and lots of illustrations of Red Ryder and Little Beaver 🙂

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