Buck Jones Filmography / Posters 1920 to 1930

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Buck Jones Filmography / Posters
1920 to 1930

Buck was now making 7, 8 or 9 movies a year – production was swift in those days. Buck had achieved Top Bill/Stardom – his name is often larger and posted before the movie title. He was the draw. – but not necessarily as a Western Star. A good portion of the 42 films he is received credits for in the 1920’s were non-Westerns. In a lot of these films, Buck he was Billed as “Charles Jones” – and on at least a couple of occasions as “Charles ‘Buck’ Jones”. I’ve posted a couple of these non-Western here (“Big Dan”/1923) just because the posters are so darn nice.

1920 Two Moons
Two Moons (1920)
Big Dan - Buck Jones
Big Dan (1923)
The Circus Cowboy - 1924
The Circus Cowboy (1924)
Western Luck (1924)
Western Luck (1924)
Against All Odds (1924)
Against All Odds (1924)
The Man Who Played Square (1924)
The Man Who Played Square (1924)

Not revealed as a Western … but I do see a cowboy galloping there … ?

The Trail Rider (1925)
The Trail Rider (1925)
The Timber Wolf (1925)
The Timber Wolf (1925)
Durand of the Badlands (1925)
Durand of the Badlands (1925)
Lazybones (1925)
Lazybones (1925)
The Flying Horse (1925)
The Flying Horse (1925)
Desert Valley (1925)
Desert Valley (1925)
Hills of Peril (1927)
Hills of Peril (1927)
Good as Gold (1927)
Good as Gold (1927)
Chain Lightning (1927)
Chain Lightning (1927)
Black Jack (1927)
Black Jack (1927)
Blood will Tell (1927)
Blood will Tell (1927)
The Branded Sombrero (1928)
The Branded Sombrero (1928)
The Big Hop (1928)
The Big Hop (1928)

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Some nice stuff eh!
Way to go Buck!

Buck Jones Filmography 1920’s

1928 The Big Hop Buck Bronson
1928 The Branded Sombrero Starr Hallett
1927 Blood Will Tell Buck Peters
1927 Black Jack Phil Dolan
1927 Chain Lightning Steve Lannon
1927 Good As Gold Buck Brady
1927 Hills of Peril Laramie (as Charles ‘Buck’ Jones)
1927 Whispering Sage Buck Kildare
1927 The War Horse Buck Thomas
1926 Desert Valley Fitzsmith
1926 30 Below Zero Don Hathaway Jr.
1926 The Flying Horseman Mark Winton
1926 The Gentle Cyclone Absolem Wales
1926 A Man Four-Square Craig Norton
1926 The Fighting Buckaroo Larry Crawford
1926 The Cowboy and the Countess Jerry Whipple
1925 The Desert’s Price Wils McCann
1925 Lazybones Steve Tuttle, aka Lazybones (as Charles ‘Buck’ Jones)
1925 Durand of the Bad Lands Dick Durand
1925 Timber Wolf Bruce Standing
1925 Hearts and Spurs Hal Emory
1925 Gold and the Girl Dan Prentiss
1925 The Trail Rider Tex Hartwell
1925 Dick Turpin Crowd Extra (uncredited)
1925 The Arizona Romeo Tom Long
1924 The Man Who Played Square Matt Black
1924 Winner Take All Perry Blair
1924 The Desert Outlaw Sam Langdon
1924 Against All Odds Chick Newton
1924 Western Luck Larry Campbell (as Charles Jones)
1924 The Circus Cowboy Buck Saxon (as Charles Jones)
1924 The Vagabond Trail Donnegan (as Charles Jones)
1924 Not a Drum Was Heard Jack Mills (as Charles Jones)
1923 Cupid’s Fireman Andy McGee (as Charles Jones)
1923 Big Dan Dan O’Hara
1923 Hell’s Hole Tod Musgrave (as Charles Jones)
1923 Second Hand Love Andy Hanks (as Charles Jones)
1923 Skid-Proof Jack Darwin (as Charles Jones)
1923 The Eleventh Hour Brick McDonald (as Charles Jones)
1923 Snowdrift Carter Brent (as Charles Jones)
1923 The Footlight Ranger Bill Moreland (as Charles Jones)
1922 The Boss of Camp Four Chet Fanning (as Charles Jones)
1922 Bells of San Juan Roderick Norton (as Charles Jones)
1922 The Fast Mail Stanley Carson (as Charles Jones)
1922 West of Chicago Conroy Daly (as Charles Jones)
1922 Trooper O’Neill Trooper O’Neill (as Charles Jones)
1922 Roughshod ‘Steel’ Brannon (as Charles Jones)
1922 Western Speed Red Kane (as Charles Jones)
1922 Pardon My Nerve! Racey Dawson (as Charles Jones)
1921 Riding with Death ‘Dynamite’ Steve Dorsey (as Charles ‘Buck’ Jones)
1921 Bar Nothing Duke Smith
1921 To a Finish Jim Blake
1921 Straight from the Shoulder The Mediator
1921 Get Your Man Jock MacTier
1921 The One-Man Trail Tom Merrill
1921 The Big Punch Buck
1920 Two Moons Bill Blunt
1920 Just Pals Bim
1920 Sunset Sprague Sunset Sprague
1920 Firebrand Trevison Firebrand Trevison
1920 Square Shooter Chick Crandall
1920 The Spirit of Good Minor Role (as Buck Gebhart)
1920 Forbidden Trails Quinton ‘Squint’ Taylor
1920 The Last Straw Tom Beck
1920 The Cyclone Minor Role (as Buck Gebhart)


Buck Jones Filmography / Posters
1930 to 1940

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