Slow West … revisited

31 Jul

Slow West … revisited

slow west postersWasn’t really sure what to expect from this movie. I just hoped it was good. It did keep my interest up. But it’s definitely not a conventional ‘old style’ Western. At times it almost seems like a stream of disjointed surrealistic vignettes – some violent – some humorous. I wasn’t surprised by the ending. One thing I did notice though, was an unusual weapon that used in one scene. A particular rifle that I recognized right away – from one of My Favorite Westerns. It’s used by a bounty hunter in one of the concluding scenes: Below: Do you recognize it?

slow west unpacking the weapon

You may not recall it’s Make, but if you’re a Western fan you may well recall where you saw it before.

slow west the rifle

Recognize it?

slow west the rifle 2

Ka boooom !!!

slow west Sharps 1874 Model Rifle

That’s the rifle. So where have we seen this before?

Why right here …

quigley down under poster

quigley down under banner

Quigley Down Under

Yep … same gun.

Quigley Down Under 3

Ka boooom !!!

Quigley Down Under 2

Even sounds the same.

Sharps 1874 Model Rifle bar


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2 Responses to “Slow West … revisited”

  1. Marilyn Armstrong July 31, 2015 at 6:32 pm #

    Except Selleck had his specially made with an extra long barrel because he’s such a big guy, the standard model looked like a toy. Selleck’s a real gun enthusiast, a very good heir to Heston.


    • jcalberta July 31, 2015 at 9:54 pm #

      Well … same kind of gun. Modified.
      Yeah I saw Rosie ambush him on her talk show. He was up to it.


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