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Richard Farnsworth Movies

Richard Farnsworth in Tom Horn (1980)

Richard Farnsworth in Tom Horn (1980)

‘Still waters run deep’ they say.

Richard Farnsworth has proven to be well with no bottom.

Incredibly, though Richard Farnsworth film history was somewhat overwhelming, much/most information about his first 37 years in the film industry as Stuntman/Stunt rider/Extra is almost unknown and “uncredited”.

Another amazing feature of Farnsworth’s work is the number of Film Classics he worked in, including Gone with the Wind, Spartacus, The Ten CommandmentsPapillon … and several Classsic/Popular Westerns: Red River. Arrowhead, The Outlaw Jose WalesMonte Walsh. The Cowboys … others.

When I normally do a Filmography on somebody, it’s usually just cover their Westerns. But Farnsworth appeared in so many other notable movies that I felt compelled to post his other work as well – despite scant information.

Another interesting truth arises: many Support Actors / Extras / Stuntmen often participate or appear in more Films that most Movie Stars themselves. They don’t get the Top Bill – or money – but there they are.

Note: these images below are only PART of Farnsworth Film and TV history. I was unable to find several images or posters.

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 1

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 2

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 3

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 4

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 5

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 6

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 7

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 8

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 9

Richard Farnsworth Filmography 10


Richard Farnsworth 12

6 thoughts on “Richard Farnsworth Filmography …

  1. An extraordinary career and an amazing filmography!

  2. jcalberta says:

    Indeed … but I had a heck of time putting that together … took me week!!
    And I’m not finished yet.

  3. He’s a GREAT character actor. I remember when he was nominated for his Academy Award. What a quiet, soft, great presence on the screen. Nice post !

    1. jcalberta says:

      Yep – there’s a lot more to Farnsworth than meets the eye. He won a number of Awards – among other things – as you’ll see coming up.

  4. timneath says:

    Wow, thats quite a career Farnsworth had, never knew he was a stuntman before getting closer to the camera. Thanks for sharing.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thanks Tim,

      He has a couple more puffs in his pipe before I’m finished with him.

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