The Guns of Laredo … Part 1


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When I initially started My Favorite Westerns, I had intended to include a page/section on the Guns that appear in each movie I profiled. Certain things have evolved however, to make me adjust or re-think this intention.

The first is the number of horrific and disturbing gun incidents over the last few years. Enough said… almost.

The second is less idealistic: many Westerns use the same guns – so identical gun profiles seemed redundant.

BUT/YET … What the hell is a Western without a GunYou can pretty well define Westerns by guns. There ARE a few Westerns that don’t have guns … very few. Even Little House on the Prairie had an occasional gun. Fact is, if a Old West period piece doesn’t have any guns, most of us wouldn’t even consider it a Western. Or even watch it. 

I’m not defending gun culture – or guns. It’s just a fact.

Further, this predilection for guns in our Entertainment is hardly unique. Take a look at the current list of films showing at your local theatre. Over half of them have guns – or violence – be it delivered via sword of Hobbit or gun by Willis.

Guns? Swords? Monsters? Space ships … ? You name it … We shoot it.

We are blood soaked and blood fuelled.

Violence you say? Nahhhh. They’re called ‘Action Movies’.

TV is not exempt. Sports, for instance, is huge on TV … and full of violence. And it’s debatable that we would watch it if it wasn’t. A hockey, football, or baseball game with no hitting is boring. And when there’s no Action we flip the channel – searching for Action/Violence. And what about Cop Shows? Game of Thrones, etc. etc? There’s no end of examples. Even most Reality Shows have Conflicts built into their setup – to raise the Entertainment factor. 

“Lights! Camera! Action!” Every day, all day, year ’round, we fight – we kill. 

Comic books? You might think you were in a porno shop … if it wasn’t for the killing. Rated G.

VIdeo games? Over 90% have graphic violence and bloodshed. Killing.


Bottom line: WE LOVE THIS STUFF!

And we keep the pushing the envelope –  more action, more violence, more graphic, more blood, more killing …

What’s next?

Another thing I truly wonder about is the Desensitization that seems to be occurring. Nobody bats an eye at most of this stuff any more.


The real question though …. is WHY? do we Love this Stuff?

I’m trying to come up with an answer.

In the meantime … let’s look at some guns.


Next the … The Guns of Laredo … Part 2


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