My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

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7 thoughts on “Comanche Moon …

  1. Happy New Year. We are off to sleep and perhaps, to dream 🙂

    1. jcalberta says:

      indeed … i hear ya.

    1. jcalberta says:

      Thank you … enjoying the chants on your Blog.

  2. timneath says:

    Hey there, I’ve just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award, check out this link

    1. jcalberta says:


      “sigh” … not another!

      You evidently haven’t heard that I shun awards … and hang anyone in the vicinity.

      Just kidding! Thank You.

      OK I’ll send a posse over there to investigate this ASAP.

      As soon as I find my noose.

      1. timneath says:

        hahah, your welcome my friend.

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