The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting Robert Vaughn …

The Magnificent Seven …
Casting Robert Vaughn / Lee

Yaughn as Lee
Robert Vaughn as Lee

For some reason i thought Robert Vaughn would be easy.
Kevin Fraser casts Casey Affleck here. Possibly the best choice.
Myself, I perceive Casey as being a bit … well … creepy.
(As per, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007 starring Brad Pitt))
Sorry Kevin/Casey – let’s just call it good acting. Though that would put an interesting twist on the character.

Which raises the point: we really don’t know how the new writers – and the new Director – whoever he is going to be ?? (another huge decision that is even more important than the casting) are going to portray these Characters –
any of them!!
I/we assume they will be somewhat similar to the original movie.
It’s likely.


Vaughn as Lee

“Till you lose your nerve. You can feel it. Then you wait… for the bullet in the gun that is faster than you are … ”
~ Robert Vaughn / Lee / The Magnificent Seven

Lee is probably the most complicated Character of the Seven.

Vaughn’s and (Director) John Stuges portray Lee as be-gloved, dapper, dudish, white shirted, articulate gentleman gunsfighter – with a string tie,
who had lost his nerve and his touch.
A washed up gunslinger.

A bit of a tragic figure to be sure … only redeemed moments before his death – a death we sense is somewhat of a relief for him from the torture of the failure that he feels himself to be.
It’s pretty well telegraphed to us from the beginning that Lee will not be one of the Seven who rides off into the sunset.

The part may also call for someone who is not youngish (though make-up artists can do anything these days) , and perhaps somewhat of a cynic … certainly depressed.

So if the remake stays true to form … we may be looking for somewhat of a similar character.
Vin Diesel will not make the list.

ROBERT VAUGHN 3 _________________________________________________________________

No, I’m not casting Di Caprio here either. Leo has already played a bit of an Dandy in two Westerns already:
the horrific The Quick and the Dead (1995) and the equally disgusting Django (yeah, yeah I’m not a Tarantino fan).

Incredibly, I find a rather long list of actors that COULD do this part – and do it well.
I looked over dozens of actors here, Including Gary Oldman. Jeremy Renner, Kevin Costner, Colin Farrell,
Gerard Butler … even Keanu Reeves … ??

Many actors are capable. BUT …
who would be right?
Who is perfect for the role?
That is the question.
Most of them didn’t ring my bell.

Finally …

I always say that when your boxed in … go outside the box.

So it was time to go where no cowboy had gone before …

Casting Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the new group of emerging film Stars … who can actually Act.
And a man who is heading to the top of the BIll.
In fact, he’s there right now. He’s hot … RED HOT.
But he also fits the role of Lee very nicely.
He has a manner and sophistication mirroring Vaughn’s own sensibilities.
Articulate and intelligent.
But also perhaps lends some depth and qualities to the role that may elevate it – and which Vaughn may have lacked – an intensity to be certain.
I also believe he has a likeability that will draw our sympathy to his plight.
He’s done some Action. Maybe he’d ready to be a cowboy.

He’s great … the gunhand that fits Lee’s glove.


benedict cumberbatch 8

benedict cumberbatch 2

benedict cumberbatch 1

benedict cumberbatch 7

benedict cumberbatch 3

benedict cumberbatch

benedict cumberbatch 5

benedict cumberbatch 6

Next …

    The Magnificent Seven ??? …
Casting Eli Wallach / Calvera


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    1. Thank you your opinion and response.

      Yeah, Casey is downright baby faced as he stands. But, as you know, those make-up artists can make an actor any age they want. I admit, however that I’m just not a Casey fan. He’s an excellent actor to be sure. But I really do believe Benedict would do one hell of a job there.

      Not that anyone in Hollywood is listening to me anyway. LoL.

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