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YUCATAN … The Mystery of Maya

18 Mar

Meditative Mayan

Apology to
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

YUCATAN … Day 2: To the Beach!

7 Mar

YUCATAN … Day 2: To the Beach!

I Can See Clearly Now / Jimmy Cliff

Day 2 Morning:
We found the ocean.

Drowning will probably ruin your whole holiday.
Surf Conditions: 
(Posted in 4 languages Spanish, English, German and French)
Green is Good; Yellow is Caution; Red is Do Not Swim; and Black is Dangerous Conditions.
Today was condition Red: ‘Do Not Swim.’
Not many people were paying attention.
For us, just walking on the beach was fine for today.
We’ve got a week.

Red Flag. Take warning.

Lifeguards on Duty.

Lots of room. 

Lots of sand.

And a few rocks.

The lure of the ocean.

Those Saskatchewan guys just can’t leave their work at home. 

Coming: more amazin’ stuff


YUCATAN … Day 2: Exploring the Resort

1 Mar

YUCATAN … Day 2: Exploring the Resort

Here Comes the Sun / Beatles

Day 2 Morning:
We spent our first day just exploring the Resort.

Reception Desk

Greeters. I guess that’s a starfish?

Amazing place. Wearing my Mayan Calendar T-Shirt.

My camera!

Wildlife can be troublesome. 

Guess he was just kidding.

Pools everywhere.

Not crowded either. 

Wave pool. Not waving yet.

There’s a bar under there. 

Big pools … small pools … lots of pools. 


YUCATAN … Day 2: To the beach



27 Feb

Mayan Empire


The Temple of Kukulkan.
Wearing my Tomb Raider hat. 

I never thought I’d ever get down here. Felt it was beyond my means. But we threw all our money in the pot and off we went.
People come here for different reasons: some to drink and party; some to veg and rest. I come for the adventure. I truly wanted to see all these Mayan Temples, Pyramids and Artifacts. Impossible in one shot. This was a huge dynastic culture that spanned several thousand years and is spread all over Central America. And they are finding more and more every year. In fact, they don’t have enough people or money to get at it all.

When I was a kid I wanted to be an Archeologist or Paleontologist. That didn’t happen, but I’ve never lost my keen interest in Ancient History. This trip to a small part of the Yucatan – Chichen Itza and EK Balam – was just a teaser. But wonderful.

Checking in late. Plane delayed for de-icing in Calgary. 

Looking around.

Looks … rather opulent. 

Looking forward to a little adventure.

Thot I’d pick up a couple of souvenirs.

Easy does it … This will look good on my mantle …


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