My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies… Pardner!

To be included in My Favorite Westerns: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid; The Wild Bunch; and MFW Great Western Directors     “I loved Westerns as a kid, and I wanted to see if they held up”. – Sam Pekinpah They’re holding up pretty good Sam.

In researching Westerns … I’m finding I have some ‘dues’ to pay. I’ve discovered my education in Western movies is sadly lacking and there are a ton of Westerns out there that I have never seen that I need to ‘catch up on’ – even at this late date. In doing so I’ve also found that I sometimes …

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Epic! The famous ‘Walk’ to the climactic gunfight at OK Corral ‘The Wild Bunch’ … doing ‘the Walk’?  You betcha! Intentional – or not (and I surely believe it was) Pekinpah’s Wild Bunch do ‘The Walk’

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