‘Lust for Life’ – Actors who played Vincent Van Gogh

“Normal people do not create art.”
― Irving Stone, Lust for Life (the book)


Lust for Life Taglines:
(original print ad)
The best-seller comes to the screen…the drama of a man who lived with insatiable passion.
He had a lust for life. Sometimes he was brutal, sometimes delicate—always he lived with insatiable passion!

Over the years there have been many documentaries and several notable Films portraying Vincent Van Gogh.
I’d say this is a daunting challenge for any Actor, but at least 4 of my favorite Actors have made the attempt:
Kirk Douglas (Lust for Life /1956), Willem Dafoe (At Eternity’s Gate / 2018)
Benedict Cumberbatch (Van Gogh: Painted with Words / 2010) and Tim Roth (Vincent and Theo / 1990).
Strangely – though Van Gogh was Dutch, and I’m uncertain that he spoke any English at all? the most notable Film productions are by English speaking Actors: Kirk Douglas (American), Benedict Cumberbatch (English), Willem Dafoe (American) and Tim Roth (English).
These 4 have received Critical praise for their portrayals
and I have not seen any of these films!
I’m going to change that.
But from the outside let’s have a look.

Lust for Life / 1956

Lust for Life (1956) - IMDb

Amazing! Douglas was really able to look a lot like Van Gogh. 
And we know what he looked like from all his self portraits.

Unsure why Douglas tackled Van Gogh,
but he was surely ‘all in’ on the project.
Likely he read the book.

Everybody liked this.

On the Set of Lust for Life : News Photo

Lust For Life : News Photo

Lust For Life : News Photo

Nice work Kirk.

Academy Awards

Best Actor – Kirk Douglas – Nominated
Actor in a Supporting Role – Anthony Quinn – Won
Best Screenplay – Adapted Norman Corwin – Nominated
Best Art Direction (Color) Art Direction: – Nominated
Set Decoration: – Nominated

Golden Globe Awards

Best Motion Picture – Drama – Nominated
Best Actor – Motion Picture Kirk Douglas – Won
Best Supporting Actor – Anthony Quinn – Nominated
Best Director – Vincente Minnelli – Nominated

The Book:

Lust For Life eBook : Stone, Irving: Amazon.ca: Kindle Store
Republished several times.

Book and Movie available on Amazon and likely at your local Library.

Starry Starry Night … into the Mystic.

Charlie Landsborough sings Vincent (Starry Starry Night)
 written by Don McLean

“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all.”
― Vincent Van Gogh

I found this to be a moving and powerful experience.
But that’s just me.

A Rose among the poppies.

I just couldn’t stop taking pics.

Some were good.
Others … not so much.

Yeah … I know this is way too much.
But this is the last of them.

Actors who played Vincent Van Gogh


Starry Starry Night … Part 3

For my Brother Richard.

Vincent (Starry Starry Night)
Sung by Lianne La Havas – written by Don McLean

“A great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm
themselves at it, and passers-by

only see a wisp of smoke”

Gremlins visited my Blog the other day.
First they posted the wrong song!
Then they made my one of my images so HUGE
– that it threw the whole post out of whack.
I fixed all this.
So I’m reposting Lianne La Havas’s version of Don McLean’s
songwriting masterpiece Vincent (“Starry Starry Night”).
Because it is so beautiful I don’t want anyone to miss it.
There has to be at least 100 versions/interpretations of McLean’s song,
but I like this one the best. It’s the feeling she puts into it.
Inspired works worthy of Vincent Van Gogh.

Beyond Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh - Self-Portrait - Google Art Project.jpg

My eldest brother, Richard, sent me photos that he took of the exhibition (Beyond Van Gogh) when it visited Edmonton.
I’m gratefully using some of these.
Thanks Richard.

So we enter the larger hall now:
The displays are very impressive and wonderous.
Moving constantly around the room to music.

I apologize for my very amateur photos, but this short video will give you some idea no still photos could really capture this.

I wouldn’t say that your experience would be as glorious as this.
I don’t feel ours was.
My guess it that the production quality varies from venue to venue.
That might be dependent upon the facility?

In Calgary
Beyond Van Gogh = $50 per person.

I also wouldn’t say that this is for everyone.
I studied Art so it has a strong appeal for me.
For some however, they’d probably wish they
were watching the football game.

More coming …
including Actors who played Van Gogh