My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

House of the Rising Sun / Heavy Young Heathens The CWF Charismometer: Test One Continued:  Measuring Star Power / Charisma / Casting Fuqua’s Folly? /  Formula “So far, so good.” – Vin In a lot of ways a re-make of M7 1960 was a no win scenario. Except of one way: Money. In this, Fuqua knew his formula of Denzel …

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I finally went and saw The Magnificent Seven (2016) the other night. I had initially said that I wouldn’t judge this movie by the original, but it raises so many issues surrounding modern Film Making – and Westerns that I couldn’t resist. “Justice has a number” – M7 (2016) tagline “Remakes? You probably shouldn’t go there.” – …

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ballad of a well-known gun / elton john My Opinion ?? This movie will make money.

The Magnificent Seven (2016) will be released Sept. 23 in theaters across North America.  It will also premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival announced on Sept. 8 as the festival’s opening night attraction. We won’t have to long to wait to see if this Remake is going to be Heroic – or shot down. Unfortunately there are …

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