Upcoming Movies and other Stuff … Part One

Covid, The Heat Wave, and other life changing events
have taken a great many lives and continue to effect us much.
The Film and Entertainment industry has reflected this.
Yet they are still here … and beginning to re-emerge.

Many projects that have been held back for a long time are about to come back to our TV and Film Screens very shortly.

It seems like it’s been a long wait.

Here’s the first 3 I’m profiling:

Eternals starts a new era of Marvel Epics:

Kit Harrington, who most notably played Jon Snow in A Game of Thrones
spearheads Eternals. Marvel productions have never been short on
Star Power.

Then the Last Kingdom will be shortly for it’s final Season.
Will Uhtred of Bebbanburg finally regain his rightful Heritage?

Good thing.

We’ll see? This has been postponed several times …

“Release Dates” then?
Quite a few Productions seem to have no definite Release Date as of yet.
I’m guessing it might be because when you are suddenly in competition with about 30 other High Production shows.
A Release Date then is a huge decision that can cost you millions of dollars.

It’s going to be interesting.