Mystery solved … the unknown skater …

A post or two ago I was trying to identify the circled skater
in the old photo below.

Thanks to my Brothers, Chris, Bruce and Doug
for their submissions in solving this mystery !

drumheller hockey 2
Brother Bruce, Wayne Vockeroth, Tom Wright, and Brother Doug.

Brother Bruce writes:

“Jer,  Pretty sure the kid next to me is Wayne Vockeroth we chummed around together for a while. Talking about 30 below hockey I can remember a frozen puck hitting a goal post and breaking in half. Also at 30 below your skates don’t grip the ice – its like trying to skate on glass. Remember playing hockey on the old slough in Brooks? We would play until our feet froze solid and then go back to the house and holler like hell while they defrosted man that was painful, but of course after they warmed up out we would go again. You can’t beat a good time.”

You got that Right Bruce !!! I’d go back in a blink – frozen feet and all.

Andl Wayne – if you’re still out there – wherever you are? – this is for you.

Thanks for the great times.

You too Tom !