Spring 2022 … The Mighty Crocus

This Storm Shall surely Pass / Fraser & Debolt / 1973

“A single crocus blossom ought to be enough to convince our heart that springtime, no matter how predictable, is somehow a gift,
gratuitous, gratis, a grace.”
– David Steindl-Rast

Could you spend 4 days under the snow and then just pop up and carry on
like nothing had happened?
I don’t think so.
But the mighty little Crocus does it all the time.

Look at those guys!

Wikipedia says: Crocus (plural: crocuses or croci) … The crocus has been known throughout recorded history, mainly as the source of saffron … It is valued as a spice and dyestuff, and is one of the
most expensive spices in the world.

“Croci!” Really? “Hey Rose, the Croci are lookin’ good.”
That just doesn’t work.

Saffron? Don’t recall ever using that, for anything.

But it’s history is possibly longer than my memory.

“In saffron-colored mantle from the tides
Of Oceans rose the Morning to bright light
TO gods and men.”
– Homer

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