Punta Cana Cowboys _____ The End

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Parting Images 

We were in Punta Cana for only one week. One week. But we took over a thousand pics (I’m sure you noticed LOL!)
Everything was interesting and magical. If you want spice up your life and appreciate this world, travel is the way to go. To me, these pictures are priceless. Many remind me of things I might otherwise have forgotten – and the feelings come flooding back.
It seems far away now. It WAS special.

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breakfast in punta cana Punta Cana flamingoPunta Cana beachPunta Cana palmPunta Cana peacock

One last visit to the ocean … 

Punta Cana ocean 1Punta Cana ocean 2Punta Cana ocean 3Punta Cana beach 2

Reality Check … 

Punta Cana leavingPunta Cana farewell

Farewell Punta Cana … 

Punta Cana goodbye

Punta Cana Cowboys / Country Safari

Not very well recorded, but this Korean gal gets it – that this is a lament. 

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What do you do after a long hot Day Trip to Santo Domingo?

Night Swim
How about a midnight swim?
Night Swim 2
Ahhhh …. yes.

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Next day … another Day Trip.
Called Country Safari.

Country Safari

Our Guide
Our Guide.

Yep … he’s trying to sell us something.
Rose tests a hat.

Crocodile Rose
Crocodile Rose
Country Safari our group
Our group

The idea behind this was to see some REAL Dominican Republic. We knew that wasn’t going to happen. But it was still some fun.

Country Safari Rose 2
What’s cookin’? Everything.
Country Safari 4
Banana and flower
Country Safari store
Chocolate, Cigars, Rum, Coffee … lots of stuff to buy …
Here’s to you!

Country Safari butterfly

Country Safari 5
Moving on …

Country Safari 7

Country Safari Surf School 2
Head for the beach …
Country Safari Surf School
“Surf School’?
Country Safari 8
Instructions: “Don’t drown.”
Country Safari 9
I wade …
Country Safari 10
Rose rests.

Country Safari 11

Like a dream …
Country Safari 12

Country Safari 13

Country Safari 14

Don’t wake me up.

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 3

Kingston Trio

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Next stop:

The Presidential Palace

We knew that a Day Trip wouldn’t allow us to see very much of Santo Domingo. But as we chugged along in the bus we tried to snap some pics … click, click, click … Whirlwind Tour style.

Santo Domingo bar

Santo Domingo streets

Santo Domingo street
In Santo Domingo you park wherever you can – even on the sidewalk

Santo Domingo house

Santo Domingo gateway 2
Lots of gates, walls, cannons, and soldiers. Santo Domingo was once a fortress city

Santo Domingo gateway

We saw a lot of things where we would have liked to have stopped and taken pictures. Like this tremendous monument below:

Our picture from the bus …
Monumento a la Caña (Monument to Sugar Cane) (Picture from the Net)

Santo Domingo street vendor

Santo Domingo ship

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To the Palace Alice!!!

Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 1
We arrive at the Presidential Palace
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 2
Everybody jumps out
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 3
Time for a pic
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 4
Security is high
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 5
And can’t go in here either!
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 6
Wait ! They’re opening the gates !!
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 7
But it’s just some bigwig arriving …
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 8
Can’t see who it is … Sean Penn? Hillary Clinton ?… the plumber ??
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 9
There they go
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 10
Back to normal
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 12
Oh well …
Santo Domingo Presidential Palace 13
… snap a pic through the fence

Off to Downtown Santo Domingo …

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Next: Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 4

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 1

 Merci Bon Dieu / Belafonte

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Day Trip to Santo Domingo

Punta Cana 88a

    The whole time I was at Punta Cana I was conscious – or felt – that I was in an artificial world – a ‘make believe’ place. I was enjoying myself yes … it was a dream. But it was hard for me to shake that feeling. That it was not real. And maybe I didn’t really deserve to be here.

    I recognized that I am privileged. The average person in the Dominican Republic (or the world) will never have access to anything like this. The 3rd World was just outside our gilded gates … and they will never get in.

    So I wanted to see some of that Real World … if I could.

Punta Cana 89
Up before sunrise … get on the bus
Punta Cana 89a
Exit Punta Cana
Punta Cana 90
Half way there … Pit stop
Punta Cana 91
Grab a coffee … or some rum

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Onward … to:

“Monumento Natural Cueva los Tres Ojos”
which means:
Natural Monument: the Cave of Three Eyes 

Punta Cana 92
“Cave of the Three Eyes” is crowded
Punta Cana 93
Down you go …
Punta Cana 95
Down we go …
Punta Cana 94
The first of the “Eyes”
Punta Cana 97
Pool two
Punta Cana 96
Looking up
Punta Cana 98
I told you it was crowded
Punta Cana 99
The third “Eye”
Punta Cana 100
Heading back up …
Punta Cana 101
From up top

galleon bar

Curiously …

Our guide told us that before the government took over the caves,
several people had died here – mainly from falling or drowning.
Later Rose and I noticed several orbs in our shots.

Punta Cana 102
This is the only orb shot I’ve included here. Hard to miss though. 

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Upcoming … Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 2

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two / Part 3

cu cu ru cu cu paloma / Harry Belafonte

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Punta Cana day 76

Stroll back …

Punta Cana 74

Punta Cana day 75

Punta Cana  80

Punta Cana day 77

Punta Cana day 78

Punta Cana day 79

galleon bar

Sunset on the beach.

Punta Cana 81

Punta Cana 84

Punta Cana 82

Punta Cana 83

A table is prepared before us …

Punta Cana 85

Punta Cana 86

… shall we dine?

Punta Cana 87

Life is tuff.

Punta Cana 88

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Upcoming … Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Three

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two / Part 2

The Dolphins / A Beautiful Day

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Due to our sunburn, we tried to stay out of the sun.
There was shade at the nearby pool.

Punta Cana 59

Uncrowded and serene.

Punta Cana 60

As beautiful and refreshing as it looks.

Punta Cana 61

Even as burnt as we were.

Punta Cana 62

galleon bar

Time for a bite.

Punta Cana 63

With another dinner guest.

Punta Cana 64

galleon bar

Back to the beach …

Punta Cana 65

Some blessed cloud cover was welcome.

Punta Cana 66


Punta Cana 67

Ahhhh …

Punta Cana 68

Punta Cana 66

But the sea is calling …

Punta Cana day 70

 … and I must answer.

Punta Cana day 71


Punta Cana day 72


Punta Cana day 73
Quintus Flatulence III … the Awakening

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Upcoming … Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two / Part 3

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two / Part 1

Punta Cana Day 2 1

It rained over night.

Punta Cana day 2 1a

But we didn’t mind because, despite our precautions,
we both got sun burn the day before.

Punta Cana day 2 1b
So a little cloud and cooling off was welcome.

Punta Cana day 2 1c

We just couldn’t take enough pics of this bird though. He was a Star.
Punta Cana day 2 1d

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Time for some shopping.

Punta Cana Day 2 2

The Resort has a few shops.
This guy claimed his name was Charlie Brown. Gave me a free cigar.
NO, not that big one. But I bought some panatellas (small cigars)
anyway, to give out when I get back.

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Then we headed off resort to some nearby shops.
They were situated in this once grand hotel.
My awful photo doesn’t do it justice.

Punta Cana Day 2 2a

I’m guessing it was put out of business by the modern
seaside Resorts. But you could easily imagine that in it’s heyday the likes of
Clark Gable or Greta Garbo once walked it’s hallways.

Punta Cana Day 2 2b

The entrance way. While taking pics here I ripped my shirt
on a nail … then tripped over a sprinkler head and nearly killed myself.
Punta Cana Day 2 2cOut back they’re building a new golf course. This old hotel would make
a great club house. I foresee it returning to grander times.

Downstairs they had a little cigar factory and shop.

Punta Cana Day 2 5

Alonzo the Cigar Master and Julio the Apprentice crank out the cigs.

Punta Cana Day 2 6

Lots of cigars. Expensive or cheap. But all of ’em are probably pretty good.

Punta Cana Day 2 3

Lottsa cigars.

Punta Cana Day 2 8

Rum and cigars are big in the Dominican Republic.

Punta Cana Day 2 9

Below: Famous cigarists. Can you ID them?

Punta Cana Day 2 10

Churchill, Groucho Marx, Che Guevara
JFK, Sig Freud, Peter Falk,
Charles Aznavour, Nicholson, Demi Moore, Michael Jordan,
Robert De Niro, Schwarzeneggar

I got ’em all except Asnavour and Demi Moore.

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Punta Cana Day 2 11

Back to the Resort

Coming up: Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two / Part 2

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One / Part 3

Punta Cana 42
Time to veg a bit
Punta Cana 43
I dropped my camera in the water …
Punta Cana 44
… after that it took some interesting shots
Punta Cana 45
There’s a nice big pool up from the beach

Punta Cana 46

Punta Cana 47
With a well used bar
Punta Cana 48
But we just used it to wash the salt off
Punta Cana 49
Heading back
Punta Cana 50
Large buffet – lots of food selection

Punta Cana 51

Punta Cana 53
Dinner guest

Punta Cana 54

galleon bar

Punta Cana 52

Punta Cana 55

Punta Cana 56

Punta Cana 57

Punta Cana 58

Coming up: Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Two 

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One / Part 2

I just wanted to get to the beach and jump in the Ocean.
Without that, why would I come here anyway?

Donning my famous Mayan Calendar T-Shirt and some sunscreen we head out.

Punta Cana 23

But almost right away we spot some peacocks.

Punta Cana 24

Gotta take pictures of peacocks.

Punta Cana 25

They obliged.

Punta Cana 26

We decided to cut through the Paseo Ecologico (Ecological Walk)

Punta Cana 27

Sort of a jungle in the jungle.

Punta Cana 28

But nice.

Punta Cana 29

I’m forced to navigate the deadly Mangrove Bridge

Punta Cana 30

Finally we emerge.

Punta Cana 31

Our destination is in sight !

Punta Cana 33

Our destination at last !!

Punta Cana 35

Rose sets up camp.

Punta Cana 34

Finally … !

Punta Cana 36

How sweet it is.

Punta Cana 37

A swim in the warm waters of the Caribbean!

Punta Cana 38


Punta Cana 39

Punta Cana 41

Coming up: Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One / Part 3

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One

The failing of man is the poverty of his desires.
– anon

Strangers in Paradise 

I never dreamed of ever going to Caribbean.
That’s something that rich people do.
But one day Rose said, “I want to go to Punta Cana.”
So … a Part-Time Greeter at Home Depot
and a House Cleaner go to Punta Cana.

A once in a lifetime experience.

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Punta Cana / Dominican Republic

Dominican Carribean Map

Punta Cana Plane
Mandatory plane selfie
Punta Cana 2
Disembark … 8 hours to Punta Canada from Calgary
Punta Cana 3
Sunwing — cramped seats / Good pilots. The first thing that hits you is the humidity.
Punta Cana 4
Grab the bags
Punta Cana 5
Checking in … that’s not alcohol … but it’s good. 

One of the first things folks asked us when we got back was “How much did you drink?” We don’t drink. I did once. But I’ve found I can have a hell of good time without it. This seems to puzzle some people.

Bavaro Princess Resort Map
Bavaro Princess Resort Map
Punta Cana 6
Looking around … we’re not in Alberta anymore Toto.
Punta Cana 7
From our room
Punta Cana 8
There’s a nice swimming pool behind that jungle
Punta Cana 9
Interior Courtyard

Punta Cana 10

Punta Cana 11

Punta Cana 12

Punta Cana 13
Punta Cana 14
Lottsa rum
Punta Cana 15
Stuff to do …
Punta Cana 16
More stuff …

Punta Cana 17

Punta Cana 20
Essentials … that Solarcaine cost us 14 dollars US.

Punta Cana 19

Punta Cana 21
Read carefully … VERY carefully
Punta Cana 22
Watched a Harry Potter film festival on TV for the whole week. SHAZZAM !

Coming up: Punta Cana Cowboys / Day One / Part 2

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