King Pakal of Palenque / Finishing Notes

Quetzalcoatl · Derek Fiechter & Brandon Fiechter

Doubt we’ll  ever get to visit
King Pakal’s magnificent Mayan city of Palenque.
Its deep in the Yucatan jungle.

Rose and I come down to Mexico to be by the Ocean.
And there’s no beaches in Palenque.
Fact is it’s sheer Luck (HA!) that our previous vacations here
were close to Chichen Itza, Ek Balam,
Tulum, and Coba.

So what’s the bid deal with King Pakal and Palenque?

Joshua J. Mark writes:,who%20succeeded%20him%20in%20rule.
“Today the city of Pakal the Great (Palenque) is the most extensively studied of all the Maya sites, even Chichen-Itza, because of the grandeur of the architecture and the precision of the inscriptions, which tell the story of its most venerated king and the splendid city he raised to greatness.”

But there’s more:

Pakal himself was very unique.

Wikipedia says:
Pakal (603 – 683) ascended the throne at age 12 …”
During a reign of 68 yearsthe fifth-longest verified regnal period of any sovereign monarch in history, the longest in world history
for more than a millennium …”

Pakal therefore reached the age of 80 years old.
I would guess the lifespan of the average Mayan of that era would
have been about 50 years old?

It’s also assessed that Pakal was at least 7 feet tall!
That would make him a giant compared to the
average Mayan of that era  who was just over 5 feet tall.

Other interesting – and amazing facts:

Palenque was almost completely untouched by war, nature, or plunder by grave robbers, and revealed literally hundreds of valuable artifacts:

Perhaps the most sensational (and controversial) artifact discovered at Palenque was the incredible (and huge)
sarcophagus lid on Pakal’s coffin:

The controversy?
Those Ancient Astronaut theorists say this looks like a a guy sitting in a cockpit – operating some kind of craft.

And it does.

Presently archaeologists estimate that
only 5% of Palenque has been uncovered.

I could go on and on about this place,
but that’s enough for now.



Let’s go to Palenque / Mexico Trip 2022

SHAMANIC MUSIC -_Yucatan – Mayan Ritual Call_- Marcus Viana

                                                       Pakal the Great


                                                                                   Click to enlarge

We will probably never physically visit Palenque.
Or Rome. Or Greece. or Stonehenge …  or a thousand other places …

However !
Through the wonders of modern media we can still
have a visit to all these places without even leaving our homes!
Check this out:
A movable video image:


Now click on the screen.
Although this 1:42 video was taken Live
you can move your viewpoint around 360 degrees!

A 3:33 drones eye view of Palenque!

Even if you were physically there you wouldn’t
get this viewpoint.

And below:
There are several excellent Videos on Youtube of Palenque.
I like this one.

A google virtual walk of Palenque:
Below: Copy this URL and Load it up.,-92.0466124,456a,35y,180h,44.86t/data=!3m1!1e3

This image will appear:

I just saved you thousands of dollars and hours of travelling misery.

You’re welcome.