‘Old Henry’ … the Cast … Tim Blake Nelson

Cool Water / Tim Blake Nelson

Ever been watching a Movie and you recognize somebody in the Movie, but you can’t remember who he/she is? – or where you saw them before? Happens to me all the time. I usually remember before the Movies’s over, but not always – and this will nag at me (like a Gila Monster chewing on a scorpion) for the whole Movie.
That might happen to you in Old Henry.

Yeah … I knew I’d seen Nelson recently. But where???
Couldn’t place him.
See if you can figure it out before this post is finished.
(Bet you won’t get it.)

Tim Blake Nelson … sorta like Clint Eastwood … without the good looks.

Did you figure it out?

Tim Blake Nelson in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs / 2018

I didn’t.

Old Henry / The Cast / Stephen Dorff

‘Old Henry’ … Reviews

Soundtrack / Music by Jordan Lehning

IMDB / 7.2 out of 10
Critics 94% / Audience 91%


Almeria Western Film Festival 2021
Grand Jury Award
Best Actor
Tim Blake Nelson
Best Feature
Potsy Ponciroli

National Board of Review, USA 2021

NBR Award Top Ten Independent Films

Venice Film Festival 2021

Fanheart3 Award
Graffetta d’Oro for Best Film
Potsy Ponciroli

Old Henry / The Cast


‘Old Henry’ … Wanted

“True legends never die.”
“You can’t bury the past.”

Keep Your Head Down | Old Henry (Original Score)

Yes Folks … some people are still making REAL Westerns.
And Old Henry is a Real Western.

The Trailer:

Old Henry / The Cast