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A visit to Blue Rocks …

19 Oct

Part of our adventures in Nova Scotia was a visit to the small fishing Hamlet of

Blue Rocks.

blue-rocks-sign blue-rocks-sign-2 blue-rocks-lighthouse blue-rocks-lighthouse-sign-2 blue-rocks-lighthouse-signblue-rocks-fishing-hamlet blue-rocks-fishing-hamlet-2blue-rocks-fishing-hamlet-3blue-rocks-fishing-hamlet-4blue-rocks-fishing-hamlet-7blue-rocks-fishing-hamlet-5blue-rocks-fishing-hamlet-6bluenose bar
Goin’ fishin’ – back in 4 days.

Peggy’s Cove … 2

21 Sep

Farewell to Nova Scotia / Catherine McKinnon

bluenose bar

If you Google Peggy’s Cove you’ll be met with about 100 pictures of the famous lighthouse and it’s many moods.

peggys-cove-lighthouse-1 peggys-cove-lighthouse-2 peggys-cove-lighthouse-3 peggys-cove-lighthouse-4 peggys-cove-lighthouse-5

The sea was not high so there was no danger the day we were there.

peggys-cove-lighthouse-6 peggys-cove-lighthouse-7 peggys-cove-lighthouse-8

bluenose barpeggys-cove-lighthouse-9bluenose barThen … the fog broke and sun emerged …peggys-cove-lighthouse-10

peggys-cove-lighthouse-11 peggys-cove-lighthouse-12 peggys-cove-lighthouse-13 peggys-cove-lighthouse-14 peggys-cove-lighthouse-15 peggys-cove-lighthouse-16 peggys-cove-lighthouse-17

Time for a tasty fish burger …

Nova Scotia / Peggy’s Cove …

19 Sep

the last time i saw her / gordon lightfoot

Upon request, I am Posting some more pics of our recent holiday in Nova Scotia trip …


I had no plans to go to Peggy’s Cove. I was completely focused on my upcoming sail on the Bluenose Schooner. Anything else that happened was just a bonus. But we had a few days on hand … and it was close by.

Peggy’s Cove

Peggy’s Cove was once a quiet little fishing village. Then somebody did a painting …

Probably this guy:


William E. deGarthe, Artist and resident of Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

William E. deGarthe was pretty good:






fishermans-monument-plaque-peggys-cove fishermans-monument-plaque-2-peggys-cove


bluenose bar

On our way …
It was a foggy, overcast morning with no wind …



on-the-way-to-peggys-cove-3 on-the-way-to-peggys-cove-4




peggys-cove-2 peggys-cove-4 peggys-cove-5 peggys-cove-6 peggys-cove-7 peggys-cove-8 peggys-cove-9 peggys-cove-10

… but it made for a mystical setting.

Next … Peggy’s Cove 2

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