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Sedona Trip 2013 … Day 1

24 May

Sedona Trip 2013 – Day 1

We flew into Phoenix from Calgary … was an uncomfortable flight. Felt cramped in that seat and had no leg room.

Rented a car … drove to Yuma. Slept for about 10 hours.

Transition Time

I’m now in the process of switching over to a day shift routine after working 12 hour night shifts for 4 years. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that night shift work is completely unnatural for human beings – who have been doing the exact opposite for thousands of years. I’ve read research that states that night shift workers have 70% more health issues than people doing the exact same work in day shift. I believe it. My health deteriorated immediately after I started night shift and I could never adjust to it. I could neve get enough rest and my fitness declined radically. Gradually this effected me emotionally and psychologically – making me depressed and angry. Ultimately I had no choice but to quit. So now I’m in a recovery period. I don’t know how long it will take to lose the 60 pounds I gained. Worse yet, the company I worked for offered no pay adjustment or compensation for night work – as many companies do. They don’t care about their people.

I’m just glad to be the hell outta there.

Worse yet …

So … today (Friday May 24) I went to the dentist across the border in Algodones, Mexico. I had tried to prepare myself for the ‘worse case scenario” – that more work would need to be done and it would take longer that I hoped.

Worse yet …

The treatment was very painful … 2 hours of drilling around the bone where the implants go. I needed extra needles of painkiller. Then I was told that it will require extra work and more time and it still won’t be completed. We will have to stay here 3 days instead of 2 and cut our Sedona trip short by another day in order come back here again before we leave. Very disappointing … and more expensive.

There is little joy.

Yet when I see the tornado disaster on TV, I count my blessings. Sometimes I am just happy to be alive.

Tonight we’ll take my swollen and bruised face over to the local theatre and watch the new Star Trek movie.

Make it so.


Pulque … a Gringo favorite …

8 Jan

Caballero Cuisine

Cantina Caballero

Brando – Cantina Caballero

In The Appaloosa Brando ingests a little Pulque (a repulsive sounding brew) in a small Mexican cantina – obviously frequented by Mexican banditos
(aren’t they all).
But he smarts his way out of a potential fracus with some nice double talk
… then rides on.

MFW: Pulque – in it’s several variations is actually said to have some medicinal qualities – with or without flies.

Excert from “Tequila’s mystical ancestor, pulque, produced since Aztec times”: 


“Pulque is like beer – it has a low alcohol content, about 4-8%, but also contains vegetable proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, so it also acts as a nutritional supplement in many communities.
Tequila’s predecessor, pulque, was made from as many as six types of agave grown in the Mexican highlands … Pulque is one of about 30 different alcoholic beverages made from agave in Mexico – many of which are still made regionally, although seldom available commercially. Pulque has remained essential to diet in the central highlands of Mexico since pre-Aztec times.”

PulqeaholicsShameless Pulquaholics carousing in a Mexican street
(Possible Bandito on the right)

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