The Great Blue Heron / Rose’s Shots

Blue Skies / Willie Nelson / 1978

Rose went after Heron 1:
But we didn’t know if we would be able to get any shots at all?
We are not Pro photographers with Pro equipment.

Incredibly!! nearly every shot Rose took was a winner!

Nice work Rose!

Return of the Great Blue Heron / Part 2

Song Sung Blue / Neal Diamond / 1972

So we walked all the way around the pond and didn’t seen any Herons.
We weren’t really expecting that we would. Just hoping.

Still in a few got some decent Fall shots though.

Serene and beautiful.

A gorgeous Fall day.

As we headed back to the car we stopped on the footbridge.
And when we looked into the water …
I was astonished to see literally hundreds and hundreds of fish!!
You can see them in the pic below – those black dots.

I could understood why Herons would want to hang out around here.
And just as I was thinking this … !!!
Two Great Blue Herons flew in together !!!

We couldn’t believe it!

A little bit closer – Beautiful. They look awesome in flight.

Then they immediately separated and went to different ponds.

Rose followed Heron 1 and I went after Heron 2 …

Coming Up … Closeups of Great Blue Herons!

herons in the mist …

White Bird / by It’s a Beautiful Day / 1968

“White bird must fly …”

I’m officially old.
I take pictures of birds.

See the source image
                                                                       A white Great Blue Heron / Net Photo.

Years back I saw a pure white Heron in a marsh outside of town.
Pure white. It was beautiful!
I knew this was rare because in all my years in Alberta
I had never seen one before – or since.
But what was that bird???
I thought it might be an Egret, but Egrets don’t range up this far.
Upon much investigation I think I’ve finally solved the mystery.
Wikipedia says this:
The Great Blue Heron is found throughout most of North America …”
And it is known that Great Blue Herons can sometimes be white!!!

That’s right. Pure white.
The above images are of a white Great Blue Heron I found on the internet
and a Great Blue Heron that I photographed in Calgary last week.
I stitched the two photos together so show that it is indeed the same bird.

Here’s the other pics we shot at the pond.
Rose first spotted the Heron flying across the pond
and I snapped a quick shot.

We watched where he landed and …

… were able to get a couple of decent shots.

He agreeably posed for us.

Great Blue Heron and friends.
                                                                    Great Blue Heron and friends.

Then he headed off.

There’s a big unresolved debate as to whether the white Great Blue Herons are a “morph” or an entirely different species.

I can only show and tell my own experience.
They look identical except for their color.
That’s all I know …
Except that they are beautiful to see.

For me, a decent day of amateur bird photography.

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