Glenn Ford Westerns / the 50’s The Sheepman (1958) … part 1

Angelo: “How come you get into the sheep business, boss?”
Jason Sweet (Glenn Ford) : “Well, I’ll tell ya, Angelo. You see, it’s this way. I just got tired of kicking cows around. You know how dumb they are.”
Angelo: “And you think sheep are smarter?”
Jason Sweet: “Oh, no, no. They’re dumber. Only their easier kicking…and woollier.”

The Sheepman posters
The Sheepman posters

Now we come to another rather odd Glenn Ford film: The Sheepman – the last Western Glenn Ford made in the 50’s.
Yes, there are indeed some odd things about this film … but some wonderful things as well.
Let’s have a look.

“What’s in a name?” asked William Shakespeare.
Well … a lot.

The Sheepman tcm
A Western … by any other name … would smell sweeter …

The first odd thing is that I found this film referred to on the Net under no less than seven different names !!
The Sheepman; Stranger with a GunStranger In TownShowdown In Powder Valley; and The Valley of the Powder, The Trail West, Too Big for Texas. ???
This adds a bit of a bizarre aura to the movie right off the top. And fact is, the film didn’t do well upon initial release as The Sheepman and some/all/much (??) of this was blamed on it’s name. I can understand that, and I also puzzled at the choice of such a title. Is that the kind of title that inspire you to go see a Western? Not me. Something like The Cattle Raiders from Death Valley or Showdown at Bushwacker Ridge … would have been better (in my opinion.)
Glenn Ford was the Top box office draw in the movie business at the time, so maybe they just felt his Stardom – especially in a Western – would bring folks in. ?? But people just plain weren’t drawn to it – for whatever reasons.
So they wisely re-issued the movie under the title Stranger with a Gun (and 14 other names) and it did better.

But I really can’t figure why a film like this wouldn’t do well. Hell, it has Glenn Ford (and Shirley McLaine !!!) And did Glenn ever make anything bad ? NO !!! He was great from the ‘get go’ – till the end. A great and charismatic actor.
Shirley McLaine? Like Lemmon in Ford’s previous movie Cowboy, she was not greatly known yet. Shirley, however, was one of the last great actresses to come out of the old studio film system – which was fading fast from it’s former glory. One of the fraternity of immensely talented song and dance gals who could act and do it all: comedy, stage, drama … anything you want. And later Starred with Lemmon himself in Irma la Douce (1963).

Reviews …

tcm review
TCM Review – Leonard Maltin –
The Sheepman 1958
‘No Reviews Yet” ?? Sometimes Tomatoes is a little slow on the draw.
IMDB The Sheepman 1958
IMDB The Sheepman 1958

Glenn Ford / William Holden / Texas

Texas (1941)

Texas GLENN FORD William Holden

In 1941 Glenn Ford was 25 years old. William Holden was 23.

MFW GLENN FORD POSTERS 3 “William Holden and I weren’t just good friends.
He was my very best friend.” 

– Glenn Ford

Holden / Ford
Texas 2
Holden / Claire Trevor / Ford
Texas 3
Ford / Director George Marshall / Claire Trevor / Holden

Texas Ford and Holden

Claire Trevor
Claire Trevor … what a doll


George Marshall Westerns

 American actor, screenwriter, producer, film and television director,
through the first six decades of movie history

Across the Rio Grande (1916) / Love’s Lariat (1916) / Ruth of the Rockies (1920) / Destry Rides Again (1939) / When the Daltons Rode (1940) / Texas (1941) /
The Savage (1952) / Destry (1954) / The Guns of Fort Petticoat (1957) /
The Sheepman (1958) (Glenn Ford again) / How the West Was Won (1962) (the railroad scenes) (won Western Heritage Award)