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3 Days in Banff … Marble Canyon

14 Sep

“The Berry Tree”, by Saul Chaplin
from Many Rivers to Cross (1955)

Beary Country

I’m always scared about bears when I go up into the mountains.
Though I’ve never encountered any except from seeing them from my car.

I still want to be cautious. 
This year there have been a lot of bear encounters because it rained a lot
in the early summer – which created a lot of berries – being
a main food source for Black Bears and Grizzly Bears.
Thus, they have been posting a lot of warnings. 

Sign Says: 

It’s berry season

Bear encounters are likely

Berry bushes border trails, roads and
campgrounds. Black and Grizzly bears
are feeding
on berries right now.

It is easy to surprise a bear
that is focused on

To reduce your risk:

– Make noise while on trails.
– Travel in tight groups.
– Trail running and cycling place you at a much higher

risk. Travel very slowly. Do not wear buds.
– Carry bear spray. ensure it is accessible, and
know how to use it.
– Watch for fresh bear signs such as scat.
– Be especially careful near berry patches.
– If you see a bear, stay calm, back away slowly

and leave the area. Never run.

OK … heading up to Marble Canyon … 

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