Yuma Territorial Prison: Part 4: The Legend of Pearl Hart

Pearl Hart: the making of a Legend

Poster at Yuma Prison
Poster at Yuma Prison
Pearl Hart 2
Image manipulation: My Favorite Westerns

Pearl Hart was probably Yuma Territorial Prison’s most famous inmate. She also seems to an early example of celebrity culture – gaining international fame and coverage for being a lady stage coach robber.

Hart’s usual appearance likedly added to her notoriety: she had short hair and wore men’s clothes.

Pearl Hart 1
Image manipulation: My Favorite Westerns

Her fame places her in elite company along with Belle Star, Annie Oakley, and Calamity Jane, as being among the most famous ladies in the Old West.

Image manipulation: My Favorite Westerns
Image manipulation: My Favorite Westerns

A very brief bio:

Old West Legends: Pearl Hart – Lady Bandit of Arizona: http://legendsofamerica.com/we-pearlhart.html

Born as Pearl Taylor of French descent in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada, this petite and attractive young girl would grow up to become one of the only female stagecoach robbers in the American West. After marrying a seductive gambler when she was just 17, the pair attended the Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois in 1893 where Pearl became enamored of the Old West when she attended several Wild West type shows. She soon left her husband, heading through Colorado and finally to Arizona, where she hooked up with a miner named Joe Boot. Among other smaller petty crimes, the pair robbed a stagecoach between Florence and Globe, Arizona on May 30, 1899. Taking about $450 and a revolver, they were soon apprehended and Hart spent two years in the Yuma Territorial Prison. Though her life of crime was short-lived, she became a legend known as the “lady bandit.” After being released she went to Kansas City and the rest of her life is blurred in history.

“Though she is often credited with being the last person to ever rob a stagecoach, this is untrue as the last actual stage robbery took place on December 5, 1916 near Jarbridge, Nevada . During the hold-up, the bandit, Ben Kuhl, killed the driver and made off with more than $3,000 in gold coins.

Hart is also frequently credited as being the only woman to ever hold up a stagecoach. This is also untrue, as Jane Kirkham was killed when robbing a stagecoach along the road between Leadville and Buena Vista, Colorado on March 7, 1879.”  

Pearl Hart display
Pearl gets her own display case in the
The Yuma Territorial Prison Historical site and Museum

Pearls Colt


Women of the Wild West

Cowgirls: Women of the Wild West

by Elizabeth Clair Flood, Helene Sage (Editor)

This exciting journey into this slice of true Americana begins with a foreword from Americas most beloved cowgirl, Dale Evans. Illustrated with more than 450 color photographs and historic images, COWGIRLS: Women of the Wild West pays tribute to the life and legacy of the pioneer woman in the American West, who worked on ranches, performed in Wild West shows, and competed in the rodeo arena.The cowgirl appeared on the American frontier in the mid-1800s. She worked with stock alongside the cowboy and was a determined and spirited pioneer. Rancher Lorraine Plass, at age 87, epitomizes the cowgirl spirit: As long as the colt stays under me Ill do all right. I will get the job done.

In COWGIRLS, the author and photographer present the history of the cowgirl through a combination of compelling tales, illustrations of their gear, western art, and photography. In six chapters, COWGIRLS represents the years between 1880 and 1950, which include the migration of women to the West, the rodeo stars of the early twentieth century, the cowgirl images created by Hollywood, and unusual poster art. This colorful volume includes many photographs published for the first time and highlights the evolution of innovative cowgirl fashions. An important book for Western American collectors.

Yuma Prison: Part 3: Westerns Shot at the Yuma Penn

Westerns Shot at the Yuma Territorial Prison

Life in a Western Penitentiary (1914 Documentary)
– No poster or images available

The Honor System (1917)

Yuma Movies 1
Notable as one of several Westerns by great Western Director Raoul Walsh


Brothers Divided (1919) – No poster or images available

The Three Musketeers (1933); starring Jack Mulhall, Raymond Hatton,
Ralph Bushman, and John Wayne; by Mascot Pictures

Yuma Movies 2
Notable as one of John Wayne’s early films


Red River Valley (1936), starring Gene Autry, by Republic Pictures

Yuma Movies 3___________________________________________________

The Badlanders (1958), starring Alan Ladd, Ernest Borgnine,
by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Yuma Movies 4
Ernest Borgnine and Alan Ladd


Riot (1969), starring Jim Brown and Gene Hackman

Yuma Movies 5
Gene Hackman and Jim Brown


Ambush at Dark Canyon (2014)

Yuma Movies 6


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Yuma Penn: The Legend of
Bandit Queen Pearl Hart

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park: Part 2: Ghosts

Ghosts … ???

Spirits in Solitary at the Yuma Territorial Prison:

“It seems as if some of the prisoners’ sentences have extended
into their afterlife. Accounts of ghostly activity, both from staff
members and visitors, are not uncommon.
Especially from the “dark cell.””
– from Weird U.S. website:

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park - The Dark Cell

Enlgarged Image – the orbEnlargement -  the orb____________________________________

And if you think that’s spooky check this out:

Ambush at Dark Canyon poster

A new Western entitled Ambush at Dark Canyon and ironically subtitled Death is only the beginning” has released a Trailer (below). Several scenes in the movie were shot on locationat Yuma Territorial Prison.  In one scene (shot in the Dark Cell) at the 1:15 mark, a blue orb can be plainly seen manifesting then moving across the screen, before disappearing, to the right of the actor.

Ambush at Dark Canyon - The Dark Cell


Also found this:

Haunted Moments ~Yuma Prison Arizona ~with your Host Rev Dr. Theresa Koch


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Yuma Penn: Wesrerns Shot on Location 

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park and Museum … Part 1

Yuma Territorial Prison
State Historical Park

During our several visits to Yuma and Los Algodones, Mexico (for dental tortures), we had never taken in Yuma’s most famous Attraction: The Yuma Territorial Prison State Park and Museum.  (Usually ‘cuz I’m already speeding northward faster than Butch Cassidy with 10 possees on his trail).

So imagine my surprise to discover that Yuma Territorial Prison isn’t a tacky tourist dive that I supposed it was, but a well persevered and interesting historical venue.

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park 1

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park 4

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park 7_____________________________________________________

Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park 6

Coming up: Yuma Territorial Prison State Historical Park: Part 2: Ghosts

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