Off to BC for a Week …

Vernon BC

Going to BC for a week.

A few months back Rose set us up for a Week’s Holiday in Vernon, British Columbia
Normally about a 6 1/2 hour drive from Calgary.

But nothing is ‘Normal’ these days. (You may have noticed).
In the past 2 months, forest fires have started raging in the ‘Interior’ (and all over the world)
We are allowed to go there though one Highway has been closed.
We figure we’ll get through. But not fast.
Not that we’re in a hurry.

This is the deal: our lodgings and everything were already paid for.
Non-fundable. We forfeit all that money if we don’t go.

We are going to go.

The Good News is …

I have a new camera.
Rose bought it for me.
Here it is.

Sony DSCHX80/B High Zoom Point & Shoot Camera

Cost: about 400 bucks
(Sorry Marilyn! I should have consulted you)
But it was a present so …

It’s much superior to my other Sony camera in at at least 3 big ways:

It has double the resolution – which was direly affecting my image quality.
It has a 30 times Zooooooom !!! Which will allow me to take pics I couldn’t before.
It has a View Finder which will allow me to take pics that aren’t crooked or blurry.
And better composed.

I won’t kid myself that I’m going to be a Pro Photographer.
But this will help a lot.

See you in a week.
With about a thousand pics.





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