Recast this: The Magnificent Seven … by Kevin Fraser

I just came across this article by accident today … looking for pics of Charles Bronson on net.

I DID NOT know about it before. (This kind of thing has happened to be a time or two in the past – and people think I’m copying other people’s stuff. I DON”T DO THAT)

Coincidentally, (INCREDIBLY), the writer, Kevin Fraser, casts 2 actors that I had also cast in The Magnificent Seven remake: Viggo Mortensen and Guy Pearce. (great Western minds think alike? ‘cough’)

Fraser casts Guy Pearce in Charles Bronson‘s part (Bernardo O’Reilly). I had cast Guy Pearce in James Coburn‘s role (Britt).

Fraser casts Viggo Mortensen in James Coburn’s part (Britt). I had cast Viggo in Steve Mcqueen’s part as Vin

Confused yet? (I am).

Amazing stuff.

I am still working on Bronson‘s role and haven’t quite decided who I’m going to suggest …

For your interest:

Article by Kevin Fraser


July 22nd, 2013 by Kevin Fraser

Recast This The Magnificent Seven

When Graham and I wrote about our twelve favourite Westerns (check it out if you haven’t already) I starting thinking about The Magnificent Seven.  Not only is it one of the best Westerns ever in my opinion…it also had a pretty amazing all-star cast.  You’ve got Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen headlining which is already amazing, but you also have Charles BronsonRobert VaughnJames Coburn, and Eli Wallach.  I began pondering on who they would cast if there was ever a remake of The Magnificent Seven.  Given the star studded cast of the original, I think it would be neat to put together a band of equally big names.

So here we go, these are my picks for the completely hypothetical remake of…The Magnificent Seven.

Chris Adams played by Daniel Day Lewis

Chris Adams Yul Brynner Danile Day Lewis
Originally played by Yul Brynner, I feel that Daniel Day Lewis can portray the same sort of easy going quality that Yul put into the character.  Plus it would be fascinating to see  what he’d do with this fairly straight forward role.

Vin played by Michael Fassbender

Vin Steve McQueen Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender is still a relatively new actor in the grand scheme of things but he’s proven himself as a extremely talented and capable actor whose mere presence on screen demands attention.  Just as Steve McQueen was great partner for Yul Brynner, I feel like Michael would be that for Daniel Day Lewis.

Chico played by Casey Affleck

Chico Casey Affleck
The underrated Affleck brother isn’t quite so underrated anymore, with a string of powerful roles in some great films I think he’d be perfect for the youngest member of the seven originally played by Horst Buchholz.  He seems to have that charming yet somewhat annoying thing down pat.

Bernardo O’Reilly played by Guy Pearce

Bernardo O'Reilly Charles Bronson Guy Pearce
Charles Bronson is a tough act to follow but I think Guy Pearce is up to the challenge.  The man has a lot of chameleon qualities and I can imagine him bringing something different to the role, something a little grittier and darker.

Lee played by Tom Hardy

Lee Robert Vaughn Tom Hardy
Robert Vaughn (who coincidentally is the only member of the seven still alive) portrayed what was easily the suavest character of the bunch and Tom Hardy can totally give off that sort of smarmy yet amiable quality that I think this character needs.

Britt played by Viggo Mortensen

Britt Viggo Mortensen
Originally played by James Coburn, Britt is a character of few words, he doesn’t need to brag or prove himself, he just happens to be the best there is at what he does.  This may be typecasting I suppose, but Viggo Mortensen plays a great strong silent type and I’m almost certain he’d be as good with a knife as he is with deflecting them.

Harry Luck played by Sam Rockwell

Harry Luck Sam Rockwell
Harry Luck is the fast talking slightly sleazy member of the group, but you just can’t help but love him anyway.  Brad Dexter always seems to come up last when the seven actors are mentioned but I think his is a great role plus he gets that wonderful hero moment at the end.  Sam Rockwell is one of the best and most compelling actors of the last few years, he’s been in several of my all time favourite films and I think he’d be a great choice for the final member of the seven.

Calvera played by Javier Bardem

Calvera Eli Wallach Javier Bardem
Now we come to the villain.  A hero is only as good as the villain they say, and Eli Wallach was a doozy.  He was hilarious yet dangerous, a guy you could see yourself hanging out with…just so long as you didn’t get on his bad side.  Javier Bardem has played some wonderful bad guys over the years, but I think this role would give him something a bit different to play around with.

The Old Man played by Eli Wallach

The Old Man Eli Wallach
You know how every remake tries to shove in some of the original actors as a half assed tribute to the original movie?  Yea, we hate it but here I am…doing it.  However, I feel as though this would be a tribute people would be okay with.  Not only is Eli Wallach still alive (he’s 97!) but he’s still acting!  The role of The Old Man is a small but important one, and Eli would be a perfect fit.

There we go folks, this has been fun and I’m sure I’ll see you in a future edition of…Recast This.

The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting James Coburn …

The Magnificent Seven:
Casting  James Coburn / Britt

james coburn

James Coburn played Britt in The Magnificent 7.
I figured it would be very difficult finding someone to physically
match Coburn lean and lanky physique, so I put that to the side.
But I think I did find someone who could pull this role off otherwise …

Coburn as Britt

james coburn 2james coburn 3james coburn 4james coburn 5james coburn 6_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce as Britt?

Looking everyone over, I finally decided Guy Pearce would do a great job here.
Pearce is extremely versatile as an actor. He has the talent to
morph into any role he takes and own it. He can do Action and has already
been in one notable and highly regarded Western: The Proposition.
Whatever you want, he delivers.

Guy Pearce - The Proposition 2Guy Pearce - The PropositionGuy Pearce - The Proposition 1_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce - The Count of Monte Cristo 1

Guy Pearce - The Count of Monte Cristo 2_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce - The Time Machine

Guy Pearce - The Time Machine 2


Guy Pearce - Lockout

Guy Pearce - Lockout 2_____________________________________________________________

Guy Pearce

Guy Pearce 2

I think James Coburn would approve.

Next up:
The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting Charles Bronson … 

The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting Steve McQueen …

The Magnificent Seven:
Casting Steve McQueen

steve mcqueen 3
Steve McQueen / VIn Tanner

I haven’t come up with anybody to fill Yul Brynner’s boots .. yet. I’m working on it. But there’s at least one actor that might work for Steve McQureen’s role as the character, Vin.

I’m thinking of Viggo Mortensen.
Viggo has already been in a couple of excellent Westerns: Appaloosa, and Hidalgo.
His breed and his bloodlines are good. But can we talk him into it?
That might well depend on who else we can sign up …

viggo hidalgo
Viggo as Vin ?

viggo hidalgo 2____________________________________________________________________

Viggo AppaloosaViggo Appaloosa 2____________________________________________________________________

Viggo Mortensen Lord of Rings 2

Viggo Mortensen Lord of the Rings
“One Ring to Rule them All”

Yeah … a decent Vin

The Decline and Fall of the Studios …


The Decline and Fall of the Studios

“You never miss the water ‘til the well runs dry”.
– unknown

And when all the modern smoke and mirrors finally clear, well …
the well is pretty dry.

No Burt Lancasters, Charlton Hestons, Kirk Douglas’, no Hepburns, Brynners … no Fonda’s, no Wayne’s … no Astaires, no Pecks … nor Cagney’s …

The well is not just dry. It’s gone.

What happened?

I have a theory. (I always have a theory)

When the old studio film system eventually died it was a costly loss of an incredible artistic fraternity. The old studios and their moguls found and developed great STARS. They searched for and discovered talented people – then trained them – often from childhood up. They had a system; a plan; a program. And it worked. Did it ever. They looked for quality people, ability, character and talent. And found it. The list is so long, I couldn’t write it here.

Oh, it wasn’t perfect. (Nothing is). And many Stars rebelled against it – disliking it’s confinement and regimentation. Eventually it disintegrated.

I wouldn’t say there aren’t some good actors and talented people around today.

But …

The bucket seems pretty empty a lot of the time.

Especially when you see a ‘remake’.



The Magnificent Seven … ??? Casting Chris …

“I never rode shotgun on a hearse before.”
– Steve McQueen / The Magnificent Seven

MFW Banner

I could very easily understand it if Tom Cruise’s rumoured remake of The Magnificent Seven never hits the dusty trail. Though you can surely bet that they want to make this movie … and you can surely bet that Western Fans are very interested (there’s a ready-made market out here).


The same problems that plague (and guns down) most remakes (of any genre) are in strong evidence:

Mainly, THEY DON’T HAVE THE PEOPLE. Oh yeah, they’ve got all the modern production values … the money … and special effects … etc. BUT … where (oh where) do you find a Director like John Sturges (Gunfight at the OK CorralLast Train from Gun Hill; Hour of the Gun; Bad Day at Black Rock; Joe Kidd; The Law and Jake Wade, etc) ? or (an inspired script) writing like the previous movie … AND (most importantly) THE CAST to match the previously (great) movie – a Western Classic: Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Eli Wallach. Charles Bronson, James Coburn, Robert Vaughn, Horst Buchholz …

The horrible reality  is … you can’t.

For starters, where do you find a Yul Brynner ????

There ain’t any. He was one of a kind. The Man.

Do you see anybody around who can fill those boots ??

I don’t. But I don’t know everything.

So … OK … let’s not give up so easily. Let’s suppose that these nagging points aren’t going to discourage Tom – and he is planning to go ahead – as I’m sure he will.

Let’s play movie maker then … Casting Director … and try to pull this off.

Here we go …

Number 1: Casting Chris 


This is going to be the hardest role to cast. It makes or breaks the movie even before it hits the screen … or the fan.
I’m supposing (if this really is Tom Cruise‘s project) that Tom is considering playing Yul Brynner‘s role as Chris.


Will that work? Can he pull it off? Mission impossible?

You know, I like Tom Cruise as an actor. Most of his stuff is pretty good – and entertaining.

BUT … really.

Yul Brynner - Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise
Yul Time

Hmmm. But maybe Tom will look things over
and decide to cast somebody else here.

or will he bravely shave his head and brazenly ride forward !?!

IF he does decide to cast someone else here …
then who ??

Is there a Star around with the charisma, power and presence of Yul Brynner ??

 What do you think ??

Whoa !


Let’s see you part this sea Amigo!

Rumor of the Year Award: Proposed Magnificent 7 Casting:

Damon, Costner & Freeman joining Cruise in Magnificent Seven!?

Damon / Freeman / Costner

Damon / Freeman / Costner

As if Tom Cruise in a remake of “The Magnificent Seven” wasn’t interesting enough, consider this : Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Costner may be joining him.

If we can believe the somewhat unreliable British tabloids.

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