My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

when i grow up / first aid kit The Columbia Icefield So … when you get to the Icefield you’ll see this place:  Except it was rainy. Drizzly rain.  The Centre is full of people from every place on the planet.  It has a restaurant/cafeteria; a gift shop; a viewing deck; historical displays; toilets … …

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Climb Ev’ry Mountain / Peggy Wood from The Sound of Music / Rogers and Hammerstein The Columbia Icefield Finally we arrive at our modern Icefield conveyance: The ICE EXPLORER! Next … To the ICE !

Rainy Day People / Gordon Lightfoot Heading for the Icefields Rainy. But we’ve got an appointment at the Icefields. Mountains are like oceans.  Even in bad weather they are beautiful and mysterious. At Last!!! Icefields in sight!

Blue Water / Poco Day 2: Rain We head out for our scheduled Tour of Columbia Icefields. But on the way we stop at  Athabasca Falls Be careful … Deadly accident at Athabasca Falls Posted date: August 12, 2011 / … Public Safety Warden Garth Lemke … said the individual went over the very …

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We May Never Pass this Way Again / Seals & Crofts

The Happy Wanderer / Tiny Tim

The Happy Wanderer / The Obernkirchen Children / 1954 Headin’ for wonders. ‘Neath the guardian peak of Pyramid Mountain Lies sleepy Jasper town The jewel of the Rockies Come! Come see the wonders! Our Digs Loaded for bear. The den if full. One of the best places I ever stayed. Charming to a fault. But …

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Where the Long River Flows / Gordon Lightfoot (1966) Some critter’s bin rubbin’ on this tree. Signs of bear.

Let Your Love Flow / The Bellamy Brothers Heading for Jasper – paused at Tangle Creek Tangle Ridge Mountain was named by Mary Schäffer in 1907 for the difficulty that climbers had descending down Tangle Creek from the ridge. The mountain’s name became official in 1935 by the Geographical Names Board of Canada. Tangle Falls …

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