Tofino Beach / Day 2

“Seas the day.

– Unknown

I do love to be beside the seaside
from Kidzone · Anthony England · John A Glover-Kind

The Ocean, in any weather, has it’s primal pull.
And I must obey.

We were only here 3 days,
but just like in Punta Cana, Mexico
we went to beach often.

Other people feel the same way.

The ocean’s flotsam is nature’s artwork.

Henry Moore was here.

No sun? No shine?
No problem.

Yet …
proof of sunshine …

Tofino Beach / Day 1

“You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.”

– John Kabat-Zinn

Cool Water / Joni Mitchell and Willie Nelson

As with any outdoor event weather can be a factor.

And it wasn’t sunny.

Not the turnout you’d hope for.

In past years (as below)  it was better.

Canadian Surfing Championship 
Canadian Surfing Championship

Ironically, bad weather can often make for better surf.

Not sure how the Surfers felt about all this.

The rain probably doesn’t affect them much.
They could hardly get any wetter.

But the extra cold might ??

Tofino and the Rise of Coldwater Surfing Part 2

“The best surfer out there
is the one having the most fun.”
– Unknown

Sign says …

My Favorite Westerns Surf Theory

So what makes the surf at Cox Bay so good for Surfing?
Cox Bay is a really a Cove.
So when the waves sweep in from the ocean water is compressed
which raises the surf.

That’s my theory anyway.

I tried hard to get some decent images,

but my equipment and skills weren’t really up to the task.

But the Surfers just kept on smiling.
They love what they do.