My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

The Apache Trail Finally … we arrive at end of the trail – The Apache Trail. This is rugged country. The Apache Trail is billed as a “scenic drive”, but I’m sure there are folks who might challenge that. So if this kind of hilly desert country isn’t your cup of tea, and the slow (often …

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Goldfield Ghost Town MFW: Warning: some information posted here may be contrived, fabricated, exaggerated, outright lies, … or attempted humor. After The Mining Camp Restaurant Rose and I headed toward The Apache Trail … until I spotted a rather unusual looking venue called Goldfield Ghost Town. What the hell, I wanted to get some water anyway …  Seems somebody rounded up …

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The Apache Trail Circle Route There’s gold out here all right … but maybe it’s not in the ground. After Rose and I escaped Yuma, we bolted across the Sonoran Desert to Phoenix – stopping briefly to gas up our steed and grab a quick milkshake at Dateland oasis. Come morning Rose had a hankering …

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Yuma Territorial Prison / Historical Site Superstition Mountain Apache Trail

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