Spring 2022 / Rose’s Garden

For Rose / Happy Mother’s Day

Things are finally starting to pop in Rose’s Garden.

Seems a bit late this year, but the Weather guy says
we don’t usually get our rains until later in May
and early June.

I think we could use it right now.

Just have to wait …

 … and enjoy what we have.

Spring Fever …

Starting a New Life / Van Morrison

That come before the swallow dares, and take
the winds of March with beauty.
~ William Shakespeare

The steeds are out of the barn.

My Steed
Rose’s Steed

The Bow River / Calgary. Used to be that I would shortcut across here in the Winter. And I could judge if it was Spring or not when the ice disappeared.

The water on one side of Prince’s Island. In Grade 3, my brothers and I played hockey here. It was a slough back then – where people threw junk and garbage. It made for an interesting hockey game though, stickhandling around tires and stuff sticking up through the ice. 

Geese that used to fly south for the winter. 

Ancient elevator.
Need a workout?

Time for some Thai Food.

Not bad at all.

Things are changing …

Listen to the Music / Playing for Change


A time of renewal.
Of change.

Besides the world being turned upside down,
My personal life is changing as well.

I’d been wondering for a while if my time at Home Depot was winding down.
Was it over?
I didn’t know for sure.
What was the right thing to do? Right now?
It’s been 8 years and I can surely stay longer.

But THEN, my wife Rose came to me and said
“I want you to retire.”
That was a pretty direct answer to my question
I had never presented to her.

Other things happened:
My computer blew up.
I re-installed Win 10 and all my other stuff.
Then my monitor failed.
I went out and bought a new one.

my new benq monitor
my new BENQ monitor

It’s beautiful.

Then …
I had been dreaming for a quite a while that I’d like to have a KIA Soul.
I just like that vehicle.
It suits me.
But I never really thought I would ever have one.
Then Rose noticed a great deal on a second-hand Soul.
We went and looked
It was immaculate.
Fully loaded – sun roof and everything.
We bought it.
Rose and I aren’t rich. Money wise.
But I’m 72 now.
And I don’t plan and taking anything with me.
I just want to enjoy the last part of this lifetime.

See you there.


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