Sheep River Day Trip

There are a lot of nice Day Trips out of Calgary.
Sheep River Falls is just one.
Sheep you ask?
We’re talking about these guys:


Not those other things with the wool.

Fake sheep

Didn’t see sheep of any kind tho.

Anyway …

It was a nice day.
The Heat Wave is over. For now.

Sheep River Provincial Park is in the Rockies.

Kananaskis Country to be certain.

Campfires are OK right now.

And just in case you forgot this is the Wilderness.
They just discovered this gentleman’s  body. Missing since May.
Cause of death as yet unknown.
Every year people go missing up here. Some are never found.
Advice: Don’t hike alone.

Getting there. The Foothills of Alberta.

It’s a nice drive. About an hour and a half.

I’m becoming an expert at taking photos from a speeding vehicle.

Sheep River at it’s low point. In the Spring it’s a torrent.
Right now it’s just a nice creek.

Lots of people here. It was a Long Weekend and families were out.

It’s no Niagara, but during Spring run-off Sheep River Falls is s raging torrent and pretty spectacular. And dangerous at that time and you definitely couldn’t be standing where these people are.
I’d say this (late Summer) is it’s lowest point.

There she is.

Small thunder.

I think it’s the purity that inspires me the most.

I often remove people from my photos.
But this time they added something that I could never have created.


“In my Soul I am free.”
– Paul Twitchell

What a day!