A Muffin at MuckDonald’s … Part One

Apples Dipped in Candy / Mickey Newbury

I never planned on Retiring.
Retirement was for other people. Rich people … maybe?  *shrug*?
I’d just work. Till the end.
(Is that ‘Old School’? I don’t know.)
How could I Retire anyway? I had no money. Never did. Never cared about it.
It was finally my health that made the call. Type 2 Diabetes.
Never planned on that either.
I coulda ‘got by’ with my bad back and my hernia.
But it was the pain in my feet (the Diabetes) that took me down.
No blood circulation.
Though I only worked 4 hours a day/4 days a week I was standing all the time.
Gobbling Pain Killers. A lot.
Nobody noticed. Or cared.
But after 8 years – it was too much.

Finally … one day … Rose came up to me and said “I want you to Retire.”
It was a sign. LoL!
The jig was up.

So …….. here I am …
Not knowing what to do??
I’ve made no plans – have no ‘Retirement Dreams’.
Never thought about it …

My present routine is that I go out for a Coffee every day.
Sometimes to Tim Horton’s – sometimes to Muckdonald’s.

A Muffin at Muckdonald’s.

Ever seen this movie? I love this scene. Michael Douglas in Falling Down.


Part Two coming up …