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Punta Cana Cowboys _____ The End

11 Jul

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Parting Images 

We were in Punta Cana for only one week. One week. But we took over a thousand pics (I’m sure you noticed LOL!)
Everything was interesting and magical. If you want spice up your life and appreciate this world, travel is the way to go. To me, these pictures are priceless. Many remind me of things I might otherwise have forgotten – and the feelings come flooding back.
It seems far away now. It WAS special.

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breakfast in punta cana Punta Cana flamingoPunta Cana beachPunta Cana palmPunta Cana peacock

One last visit to the ocean … 

Punta Cana ocean 1Punta Cana ocean 2Punta Cana ocean 3Punta Cana beach 2

Reality Check … 

Punta Cana leavingPunta Cana farewell

Farewell Punta Cana … 

Punta Cana goodbye

Punta Cana Cowboys / Country Safari

17 Jun

Not very well recorded, but this Korean gal gets it – that this is a lament. 

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What do you do after a long hot Day Trip to Santo Domingo?

Night Swim

How about a midnight swim?

Night Swim 2

Ahhhh …. yes.

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Next day … another Day Trip.
Called Country Safari.

Country Safari

Our Guide

Our Guide.

Yep … he’s trying to sell us something.
Rose tests a hat.

Crocodile Rose

Crocodile Rose

Country Safari our group

Our group

The idea behind this was to see some REAL Dominican Republic. We knew that wasn’t going to happen. But it was still some fun.

Country Safari Rose 2

What’s cookin’? Everything.

Country Safari 4

Banana and flower

Country Safari store

Chocolate, Cigars, Rum, Coffee … lots of stuff to buy …


Here’s to you!

Country Safari butterfly

Country Safari 5

Moving on …

Country Safari 7

Country Safari Surf School 2

Head for the beach …

Country Safari Surf School

“Surf School’?

Country Safari 8

Instructions: “Don’t drown.”

Country Safari 9

I wade …

Country Safari 10

Rose rests.

Country Safari 11

Like a dream …
Country Safari 12

Country Safari 13

Country Safari 14

Don’t wake me up.

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo / Columbus House

7 Jun

moments / boz scaggs

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Our trip to Punta Cana seems like a dream now – and far away. It was indeed the experience of a lifetime and I wonder if I made the most of the opportunity – as I will not likely get back that way again. I have to thank my wonderful companion Rose without whom I would never have had this experience

Columbus House / Plaza de Espana

Diego Columbus

Diego Columbus

I was unable to find much information on Diego Columbus. I was curious to see if he had carried on with the tyrannical behavior of his father.

Diego Columbus was the eldest son of Christopher Columbus. He was a Portuguese navigator and explorer under the Kings of Castile and Aragón. He served as the 2nd Admiral of the Indies, 2nd Viceroy of the Indies and 3rd Governor of the Indies as a vassal to the Kings of Castile and Aragón.

Columbus House was the house of the Columbus family in Santo Domingo. It was built by Diego Coulmbus in 1515. Today, it’s a museum furnished with original and period furniture.

Columbus House

Columbus House …. not that impressive from the outside.

Columbus House Knight

The tools of Spanish power

Columbus House dining room

Dining area ?

Columbus House kitchen

Kitchen to be sure.

Columbus House kitchen 2

Opulent eating …

Columbus House 2

Columbus House main hall

Main Hall …

Columbus and son

Chris and son. An idealic image.

Columbus House room

Columbus House dining area

Bitmap in Day Trip 8.cdr

Columbus House kitchen 3

Columbus House statue

Columbus House harp

Columbus House window

Columbus House tableware

Columbus House stairwell

Columbus House bedroom

Columbus House muskets

Columbus House guide

Columbus House bedroom 2

Columbus House door

Columbus House stairs

Columbus House balcony 2

Columbus House balcony

Columbus House Rose

Columbus House balcony 3

Columbus House back outside

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Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 6

20 May

sloop john b / tom fogerty

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The Colonial Chu Chu

Remember that little train? The Colonial Chu Chu.
All aboard!

The Colonial Chu Chu

The Chu Chu chugs us through the downtown Santo Domingo streets
… as we attempt to take some pics …

The Colonial Chu Chu 2

The Colonial Chu Chu 3

The Colonial Chu Chu 4

The Colonial Chu Chu 5

The Colonial Chu Chu 6

The Colonial Chu Chu 7The Colonial Chu Chu 8

The Colonial Chu Chu 10

The Colonial Chu Chu 11

The Colonial Chu Chu 12

The Colonial Chu Chu 13

The Colonial Chu Chu 14

The Colonial Chu Chu 15

The Colonial Chu Chu 17

The Colonial Chu Chu 18

The Colonial Chu Chu 19

The Colonial Chu Chu 20

The Colonial Chu Chu 21

The Colonial Chu Chu 22

The Colonial Chu Chu 23

The Colonial Chu Chu 24

The Colonial Chu Chu 25

The Colonial Chu Chu 26

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Next: Columbus House … 

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 5

6 May

sloop john b / The Beach Boys 

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Downtown Santo Domingo

Out of Cathedral – to the streets.

Santo Domingo Columbus the Tyrant

Columbus Memorial – monument to a tyrant.

Santo Domingo Columbus Park

Santo Domingo pigeon maestro

The maestro of pigeons appears.

Santo Domingo pigeon maistro 2

Orchestrates his minions.

Punta Cana day 3

Meanwhile … Dominos.These guys were heavily into it … with spectators.

Santo Domingo Cathedral

Cathedral and plaza

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 2

It’s guaranteed that somebody will try to sell you something. “NO. Gracias.”

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 3

The Museum of Tobacco – with 3 cigar store Indians.

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 4

The Cathedral of Santo Domingo is the oldest cathedral in the Americas – they claim.

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 5

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 5.6

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 5.5

Remember that dog?

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 6

He’s drinking Rose water.

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 7

A local steed. Doubt this would be legal in Canada.

Santo Domingo Columbus Park 9

Heading off plaza …

Santo Domingo downtown

Inscription reads:

Homage of the First Council of America the Adelantado Don Bartholomew founder on the east bank of the Ozama River from the town of Santo Domingo Colon on 5 August 1498 before being transferred to this part by the governor of the island of Hispaniola Fray Nicolas Ovando in 1502 “.

These guys really celebrated themselves.

Santo Domingo side streets

Rose spots a horse. It must be watered.

Santo Domingo side streets 2

Trying to figure out where we are …

Punta Cana day 2.5

Punta Cana day 2.7

Santo Domingo side streets 3

Santo Domingo side streets 6

Santo Domingo side streets 7

Santo Domingo side streets 8

So did we.

Next time … more downtown Santo Domingo

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 4 3/4

26 Apr

Game of Thrones Theme – Violin Cover – Taylor Davis

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Downtown Santo Domingo
Catedral Primada de America / Looking around 

Catedral Primada de America inside

Catedral Primada de America closer

Catedral Primada de America 3

Catedral Primada de America 6

Catedral Primada de America 7

Catedral Primada de America 8

Catedral Primada de America 9

Catedral Primada de America 10

Catedral Primada de America 11

Catedral Primada de America 13

Catedral Primada de America 12

Catedral Primada de America 14

Catedral Primada de America 15

Catedral Primada de America 16
I had a Confession to make … 

Catedral Primada de America 17

… I’m Ironman

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Next … more downtown Santo Domingo

Punta Cana Cowboys / Day Trip to Santo Domingo 4

24 Apr

I Can See Clearly Now / Jimmy Cliff

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Downtown Santo Domingo
Catedral Primada de America 

Catedral Primada de America 2

Catedral Primada de America – Plaza Entrance

Catedral Primada de America gate

Heading around to other Entrance … some Saint guards the gate

Catedral Primada de America 3

The other entrance … not as impressive

Catedral Primada de America 4

Even the Church looks like a fort – for good reason. In 1586 Sir Francis Drake of England pillaged and burned the city, which survived only to be invaded by the French and Haitians. Drake lived in the Church for 25 days they say.

Catedral Primada de America 5

Statue of Arzobispo Meriño. I could not discover who he was, but he’s got a statue.

Catedral Primada de America 5b

Catedral Primada de America 6

Crowding in …

Catedral Primada de America 7

Catedral Primada de America 8

But inside is impressive

Catedral Primada de America 9

Vaulted Gothic ceiling

Catedral Primada de America 10

Catedral Primada de America 11

Catedral Primada de America 11b

Catedral Primada de America 12

Catedral Primada de America 13

Catedral Primada de America 14

I like Churches. They have Altars.
And I can thank God for my many blessings.

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Though I can do that anywhere. 

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