Klondike … Tales of a Gold Rush …

Everything about the Klondike Gold Rush seems over-the-top and inflated. But I don’t believe it is. Gold Fever and the infamous history of gold strikes on a world-wide scale tell the same tale – of what men will do in the quest for the yellow metal – be it the Transvaal, California or from Kalgoorlie to the Klondike, it’s a history written in blood and lust. Few are tales of success – mostly of tragedy, failure and broken dreams – and incredible exploits. And surely great fodder for Western lore and Film.

A number of excellent and readable books have emerged over the years. One such book is that written by the eminent Canadian author Pierre Berton:

The Last Great Gold Rush 1896-1899. 

klondike pierre berton

I single Berton’s book out not just because it is excellent, but because he was born in Whitehorse, Yukon. The Klondike was his back yard. Who better to write the definitive book on it’s History?

Pierre Berton 2

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