Come Softly to Me / The Fleetwoods

Going up to Baker Creek for 3 days.
In the shadow of Castle Mountain.

Our Birthdays celebration.
Back soon ...

Going up Marble Canyon

From the Soundtrack of the Horse Whisperer

Marble Canyon?

Wikipedia says:
The canyon's name comes from the brilliant limestone of its walls.
The bedrock is microcrystalline limestone (sedimentary rock)
rather than marble (metamorphic rock).

It's still beautiful.
As you'll see. 

A Mountain on the way ... couldn't identify it. 

Net Photo

Park your car and head up the trail ...

I believe this is Pavilion Creek.

Stop and 'smell the roses' ...

Wonders ... small and big.

Pure glacier water.

I should be so pure ... 

... but I only dream.

The Canyon begins ...

Heading up to Marble Canyon 2 ... 

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