Palm Springs Diary … Part 2: Hogs Last Breath and Marilyn

Palm Springs Holiday Part 2: Hogs Last Breath and Marilyn 

Never thot I’d ever go to Palm Springs.  Wasn’t really on my list – bucket or otherwise. So when Rose said she wanted to go there I confess that didn’t know a thing about it – or the area – except that it was hot there – and they played lots of Golf- considered a Golf Mecca by many.

I don’t play golf (unless I visit my brother Bruce on Vancouver Island) so that wasn’t on my agenda.

So I  figured I better look into what there was to do in Palm Springs

So I spotted 2 things that that looked interesting and like a bit of fun: The first was The Hogs Breath Inn – owned by Clint Eastwood, and which was actually very close to where we were staying in La Quinta.

Images of the Hogs Breath Inn below that I fished off the Net:

The Hogs Breath Inn 2

The Hogs Breath Inn 4

The Hogs Breath Inn 3

The Hogs Breath Inn 5

Looks pretty good eh?!

I figured this might be a good place to get some Western style vittles – maybe a nice steak – and a beer …

The second thing I wanted to see was the famous giant statue of Marilyn Monroe in downtown Palm Springs.

Marilyn Monroe statue
Forever Marilyn is a giant statue of Marilyn Monroe designed by Seward Johnson 

I had a hankering to nibble on Marilyn’s ankle … or at least give it a hug …

BUT the fates had a different idea …

“I tried being reasonable, I didn’t like it.”
 – Clint Eastwood

The Hogs Last Breath

ALAS  !! neither of these 2 mini-dreams would come true …

BECAUSE … (unbelievably/inexplicably) the Hogs Breath Inn closed  TWO DAYS before I got here !! 2 days !!! Can you believe that ?? True! Crazy!

Here’s what we found when we went over there:

The Hogs Breath Inn

Sign says:
“We’re Riding Off
Into The Sunset
Easter Sunday was our last day of
business at Hog’s Breath Inn La Quinta.
We want to thank our valued guests for
an incredible 10 years.
While the sun may be setting on Hog’s
Breath Inn La Quinta, … yadda yadda yadda
Visit Hog’s Breath Carmel”

The Hogs Breath Inn poster


The HogsBreath paycheques

Why did it close?
Nobody seems to know ??? – haven’t been able to find out as of yet.

The Hogs Breath Inn ... Closed

(Maybe they knew I wuz cumin’ and they wuz jest plain skeered?)

The Hogs Breath Inn closed 2

hogs breath beer

No Hog’s Breath for me …

Meanwhile … 

Marilyn Cuts Out 

BUT this wasn’t the ONLY disappointment … cuz a couple of days later, when we went down to see the giant Marilyn Monroe statue …



Hauled off to New Jersey they say … for an Art Show … Geeeez …

Nothing is forever

Yet I heard that the the statue is so popular that Palm Springs is trying to buy it from the artist.

Good idea.

Sorry I missed it …






Palm Springs Diary … Part 1: My Rose


I have a lot of stuff to post about Palm Springs … but at the outset I wish to express my Love and Thanks to Rose – my partner – for her wonderful companionship – a generous, kind, thoughtful, and loving Soul… who shared this trip with me. 

Thank You Rose !

Rose at Palm Springs 2014

Love Ya!

– Jeremy





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