Let’s go to Palenque / Mexico Trip 2022

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                                                       Pakal the Great


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We will probably never physically visit Palenque.
Or Rome. Or Greece. or Stonehenge …  or a thousand other places …

However !
Through the wonders of modern media we can still
have a visit to all these places without even leaving our homes!
Check this out:
A movable video image:


Now click on the screen.
Although this 1:42 video was taken Live
you can move your viewpoint around 360 degrees!

A 3:33 drones eye view of Palenque!


Even if you were physically there you wouldn’t
get this viewpoint.

And below:
There are several excellent Videos on Youtube of Palenque.
I like this one.

A google virtual walk of Palenque:
Below: Copy this URL and Load it up.


This image will appear:

I just saved you thousands of dollars and hours of travelling misery.

You’re welcome.