Palm Springs Diary / Part 8: Return to Idyllwild

Misty Roses / Tim Hardin

Return to Idyllwild

We knew it was going to be over 100 F in the valley so … Plan B: head back up to Idyllwild for the day.

1 vista
2 on a wall
On the wall
3 lizard
4 that's a big cone
That’s a big cone
5 big cone tree
Big cone tree
5a Rose at the Idyllwild Monument
Rose at the Idyllwild Monument
6 to the shops
To the shops !
7 Bonnie's Happy Look
Bonnie’s Happy Look
8 rocks 8 dollars a pound
Rocks: 8 dollars a pound
10 Rose at Divine Scents Candle Gallery
Divine Scents Candle Gallery
9 mikes
Mountain Mikes and bikes
11 covet thy cinnamon bun
Covet thy cinnamon bun
12 Rose and the 5 Dwarfs
Rose and the 5 Dwarfs
13 heading back
Heading back
14 view of coachella valley
View of the Coachella Valley
Where we go when it's hot
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