Thor, Iron Woman!? upcoming …

Coming May 6, 2022

Thor: Love and Thunder (Movie, 2022) MCU Phase 4| Film Release Date - Bollywood Hungama

I like Marvel’s Thor quite a bit, but some of the new posters for
Thor: Love and Thunder are truly awful. Look at that thing!
Maybe it’s because The Guardians of the Galaxy – the only Marvel characters I truly dislike – are a big part of the movie.
But apart from Chris Hemsworth, the one thing that might save this film is that it looks like Natalie Portman will finally have a much bigger role
than she normally gets.
Let’s hope.

Natalie Portman Goddess of Thunder

I think this wuz supposed to be a secret.
But it’s sprung a big leak.

Love & Thunder Set Image Shows Natalie Portman's Toned Thor Arms - Informone

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Meanwhile similar things are emerging at Stark HQ.

Hearing a few different titles: Iron Man 4: Iron Heart Legacy?

Incredibly as of this moment it’s still uncertain whether this is actually ‘a GO’ or a fan fantasy? It’s been on and off.

A lot of stuff that appears legitimate is actually created by fans.
Including Trailers and posters.
They are clever and well done.
I’ve been fooled a time or two myself.
Such is the nature of the internet.

Only thing that seems certain right now is
Iron Man will become
Iron Woman.

Iron Heart | Iron heart marvel, Tony stark, Iron heart

This was sort of supposed to be a secret too … ?
I think?
I’m having a heck of a time keeping track of all this.
Pretty soon going we’re going to need a special chart (like we had for Game of Thrones) and a congressional investigation.
to figure who’s who and what’s going on?

Release Date? 2022-2023
We don’t know yet.
Maybe never.

I was going to do a preview of another movie ..
but that’s enough for now.