Tok Lyke a Pie Rat … Port 1

Shiver Me Timbers / The Muppets

Shiver me Timbers !!!!
Back on Sept 19 wuz me Birthday.
i sorta like to let ’em slither bye theze daze …
‘cept fer one thing:

September 19 is also

Therefore …
It’s time for celebratin’!

Sooo … Dyd U No … ?

Charlton Heston once played Long John Silver??
Bet U dydnt.
(Don’t lye to me Matey!)
Didja also no that in that Movie a young Jim Hawkins
was played by child actor Christian Bale??!!
Bet U dydnt!

Haaaarrrrrr !!!!

Here’s the proof !!!

Treasure Island /1990

Batten down the mizzenmast!
Chuck at the Helm!


Other swabs in the flotsam:

O’er me ded booty!

On the Lee side:

The Horror ! the Horror !
Anything for a doubloon!

Seen any pirates?No … but there’s a few less skippers about.

Ahead …
Tok Lyke a Pie Rat … Port 2