My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

– jeff bridges  Pearl Zane Grey (1872 – 1939) Zane Grey Trivia: (Wikipedia) Grey’s novels and short stories have been adapted into 112 films, two television episodes, and a television series, Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theater. “Pearl“? There are a few guesses at how Grey was originally named Pearl – but nothing seems conclusive. He later dropped …

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There’s-a-long-long-trail / robert-mandell-with-the-romantic-strings-voices Born to the West (1937) / Hell Town (1954) CRIMSON-STREAKED ROMANCE HITS THE TRAIL! It took six murdering rustlers and a girl to make a reckless rover settle down to love! Born to the West (1937) movie went to Public Domain due to a studio screw up which resulted in several versions of the movie of various edits …

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