My Favorite Westerns

A Celebration of Western Movies … Pardner!

Come Softly to Me / The Fleetwoods Going up to Baker Creek for 3 days. In the shadow of Castle Mountain. Our Birthdays celebration. Back soon … Next: Going up Marble Canyon

From the Soundtrack of the Horse Whisperer Marble Canyon? Wikipedia says: The canyon’s name comes from the brilliant limestone of its walls. The bedrock is microcrystalline limestone (sedimentary rock) rather than marble (metamorphic rock). It’s still beautiful. As you’ll see.  A Mountain on the way … couldn’t identify it.  Park your car and head up the …

Continue reading “The Berry Tree”, by Saul Chaplin from Many Rivers to Cross (1955) Beary Country I’m always scared about bears when I go up into the mountains. Though I’ve never encountered any except from seeing them from my car. I still want to be cautious.  This year there have been a lot of bear encounters because it …

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