I think I figured it out …

I think I figured it out.
It’s still Covid.
I thought I was over it, but it seems to have a lingering effect
where I’m tired much of the time –
though I don’t rest well.
So maybe I still have it to some degree?
Combined with my Diabetes 2 and a couple of my other health issues
I think this has resulted in a kind of lethargy
where I can’t focus on things very well.

Lots of fun.

Tomorrow I will go the Clinic and get another shot.
If that doesn’t make any difference
I’ll try something else.

Author: jcalberta

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5 thoughts on “I think I figured it out …”

  1. I hope you find something that will may you feel better. I know they have a lot of new treatments, so maybe one of them will work for you. We’ve been lucky so far and neither of us has had it, but I have to assume one of these days, we’ll somehow manage to get it anyway.

    1. 3 times now Marilyn. Never thot I’d ever catch that thing. Didn’t kill me anyway. But I’m 75 now and it’s not like it used to be.

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