Got my Covid shot …

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Got my Covid shot this morning. Hope it makes a difference?
This is my 3rd shot since this whole thing started.
Doubt that’s a World Record.
I should have had another one sooner than this though.
Sooo … went to a Clinic that used to do it exclusively for Covid.
They were gone.
Then went to a Medical Clinic that was close by.
They didn’t do it anymore either! Wow.
Told me I could get it done at most any Drug Store.
Went to a Drug Store. (insert panting sound here.)
Insisted on Pfizer Vaccine.
I’ve heard bad things about the other ones.
And I don’t want any unnecessary medical adventures right now.

Then I  went to A&W for breakfast.

So far so good …



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4 thoughts on “Got my Covid shot …”

  1. This is another very good update post. I am very surprised I thought every place would be giving out the new Covid-19 vaccine. I booked my appointment in early fall at the province run clinic that are around the city. I hope you are doing well.

    1. I’m going to be OK. I just to smarten up and take care of myself and things better. Thank you for nice comments.
      Yes, you can walk into most any Drug Store now and they will give you a Covid shot. I asked for Pfizer or I would have gone elsewhere, but I think that is the most common Vaccine now.

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