Crazy Stuff on the blog …

“She’s A Mystery To Me” /  Roy Orbison / 1989

Occasionally something happens on the Blog – or elsewhere –
that completely mystifies me.

Tumbleweed Connection': The Band-Style Country Rock From ...

Yesterday on my post “Love … all there is” I posted
a song my Elton John called Love Song / Elton John / 1970.
(from Tumbleweed Connection)
Or so I thought.
Turns out it was a completely different song,
but was still entitled Love Song / Elton John.
The thing is, I took the song directly from my own
Song Library – and had posted it here before – a couple
of times. And it was exactly the song by Elton John.

So how did it suddenly become a completely different
song by someone else with the same title?

I have no idea ???

No Sir! I love mules. In fact, I had 2 for breakfast.

Anyway I chucked that other song away
and fixed things.

Now I’m ready for my next mystery … ???

See you there …

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  1. I’ve downloaded a ton of stuff off YouTube over the years. Mostly music.And most of the times things go OK, but on occasion you have happen what happened to me. NOT the song you supposed to get. I usually check everything, but of course, the only time you don’t check, it goes wonky.

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