Michelangelo comes to town … Part 1

Portrait of my Love / Matt Monro / 1960

Earlier this year, a traveling exhibit of Michelangelo‘s amazing
artwork on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome
came to town.

This presented the life-size images brought down to earth.
The thing is, that if you go to Rome to see this in person
you can’t really see it very well
up there on the ceiling.

Pope Francis in the Sistine Chapel
                   Pope Francis in the Sistine Chapel / 2018?

Of course, we still don’t get the experience the
of being in the setting of the Sistine Chapel,
but it’s still worthy idea.

This way to the Exhibition …
… said the hand of Man.

No No  …it’s this WAY …
says the Hand of GOD …

I don’t think so …
… says the hand of Man.

Okay … Okay …
I’ll offer a compromise?
… said God.

You do know this isn’t a democracy right?
… said GOD.

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5 thoughts on “Michelangelo comes to town … Part 1”

  1. This is another great post. The art work that Michelangelo did in the Sistine Chapel looks amazing. These are great pictures of the exhibition.

    1. I recall that movie with Heston. The Agony and the Ecstasy. Indeed. It’s said that Mich didn’t want to paint that thing. He was a genius sculptor – so why would he?
      Rather amazing.

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