Looking for this poem … Update

Emily Dickenson / December 10, 1830 – May 15, 1886

“Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.”
― Emily Dickinson

Marilyn of Serendipity blog
gave me a likely heads up on finding my mysterious poem
– that it might be by famed poetess:
Emily Dickenson

It surely sounded like one of her works.
Thought I.
And still does.

Yet an exhaustive search though all her poetry,
did not discover it.

I conclude that it was not one of her poems.

My search continues,
and may have no happy resolution.

I thank those who have tried to help,
but I don’t expect – or ask – anyone to spend
any time or effort to do so.
I just hoped someone might have an insight
would reveal what it was …

Say I.

Author: jcalberta

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5 thoughts on “Looking for this poem … Update”

  1. Based on what I could gather up, the poem was written by Emily Dickinson, but I am unable to find the year she wrote it. Also, great Leonard Cohen song there, it gives me McCabe & Mrs. Miller vibes – fitting given that your website is dedicated towards great westerns 🙂

    1. Hey John, this poor boy had a couple of Cohen albums in my collection. That’s from his first Album – that also had Suzanne. Amazing that you can recall it from McCabe & Mrs. Miller – a movie that really knocked me out of my chair. That scene where the kid guns down the other kid on the bridge – still locked in my consciousness. Time for a re-watch.

      1. The song you chose might not have been played in the film, but it sounds (and I mean this as a compliment) similar to how he sings the songs he wrote for McCabe & Mrs. Miller 🙂 Speaking of which, McCabe & Mrs. Miller was actually shot in Canada 🙂

  2. I didn’t think SHE wrote it, but she was one of a big bunch of romantic poets, so somewhere in that group is probably your author. Also, even if you have just a few words out of place or spelled differently (poets often change word spelling to make the poem more poetic) — it can make finding it nearly impossible. Computer are just so LITERAL.

    1. Ah… OK …
      I think I have enough of it right. No problem there.
      Strange. Right now it looks like I won’t be able to locate it.
      I think I’ll go onto one of these literary groups and see if they know what it is.
      Somebody has to know.

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